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Digital Health Startup Mykare Health Raises $2.01M in Seed Round

Empowering South Indian Cities: Mykare Health’s Mission for Better Healthcare Experiences and Transparency

Digital Health Startup Mykare Health Raises $2.01M in Seed Round

In a significant stride towards revolutionizing healthcare in India, Mykare Health, a leading digital health startup, has successfully raised $2.01 million in a seed funding round. The investment comes from prominent investors including OnDeck ODX, Avaana Seed, Huddle, Endurance Capital, F Health, VeritasX, Stanford Angels, and notable individuals such as Ajit Mohan (founding CEO of Hotstar & Former MD of Meta India), Ankit Tandon (Global CBO and CEO, OYO), Nikhil Jaisinghani, Dr. Deepu Sebin, Vikas Garg, Rahul Nagar, Himanshu Arora, and Bhavya Shah.

Enhancing Patient Experience and Talent Acquisition Efforts

Mykare Health has outlined its vision to enhance the overall patient experience and strengthen talent acquisition efforts. By utilizing the secured funds, the company aims to provide seamless healthcare services while prioritizing patient satisfaction. The startup intends to elevate healthcare standards and bridge the gap for underprivileged and moderate-income groups in South Indian cities.

Simplifying Healthcare Journey: An Integrated Ecosystem

Co-founded in 2021 by Senu Sam, Rahmatulla TM, and Joash Philipose, Mykare Health stands as a pioneer in empowering patients and their families through its integrated ecosystem. The company strives to provide comprehensive care by streamlining every step of the healthcare journey.

Digital Health Startup Mykare Health Raises $2.01M in Seed Round

From selecting the most suitable facility with transparent pricing to managing paperwork, coordinating insurance, facilitating transportation services, and establishing effective doctor-patient communication, Mykare Health ensures a seamless experience for patients. The startup’s dedicated team of trained and experienced counselors is available on-site to guide patients, addressing their concerns regarding financial constraints and transparency.

Unlocking Potential: Empowering Small and Medium-sized Hospitals

Beyond its commitment to patients, Mykare Health also aims to unlock the untapped potential of small and medium-sized hospitals. By utilizing their infrastructure and the expertise of doctors working in these facilities, the startup strives to maximize their utilization. Through this breakthrough proposition, Mykare Health envisions a more efficient healthcare system that benefits both patients and healthcare providers.

Impressive Milestones: Touching Lives and Expanding Reach

With its steadfast dedication, Mykare Health has positively impacted the lives of over 85,000 patients in the past year alone. The startup has expanded its operations to over 12 Indian cities and established partnerships with more than 200 hospitals. By continuously expanding its network and fostering collaborations, Mykare Health is actively working towards its mission of providing accessible healthcare to all.

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Mykare Health’s recent success in securing $2.01 million in seed funding reflects its unwavering commitment to transforming healthcare in India. Through its integrated ecosystem and dedication to enhancing patient experiences, the startup is poised to create a significant impact in South Indian cities. By empowering patients, unlocking the potential of small and medium-sized hospitals, and expanding its reach, Mykare Health paves the way for a more inclusive and transparent healthcare landscape.

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