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Effective Team Management Skills for Leaders

A leader possesses empathy and effective management skills to promote a healthy work environment.

Effective Team Management Skills for Leaders
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Effective leaders prioritize their team members and manage their team in a way that is inclusive and empathetic, they take the time to listen to and consider the perspectives of their team members, while also clearly communicating the goals and ideas of the team.

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” Jack Welch

A leader needs to be a good listener first. If a leader understands his team’s competency and demerits effectively, he is likely to be respected by all community members. Therefore, managing a team can take time and effort. The current article focuses on how to manage your team effectively. It includes influencing both task-oriented and interpersonal relationship management. Even though the leaders duly decide the framework of an organization, it is important to note the team leadership skills to manage one’s team effectively.

Management Styles for Team-Work

Northhouse (2013) reported that a leader with a strong team management style could create a healthy, productive environment. Team management requires organizing personal tasks into team tasks. The famous quote of M. Jordan reported team management as:

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win the competition.” Even a small diagram is complete with proper alignment and direction for human progress. Developing managerial and leadership skills for leading a team has become crucial.

There are the following management styles:

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  • Autocratic
  • Democratic
  • Laissez-faire

1- Autocratic Management Style:

Employees hold less value as compared to the leader. The feedback and their opinions don’t matter at all. The leader holds a bossy attitude. Employees can not share their thoughts and are not encouraged to share them actively. It has three different types.

  • Authoritative management style
  • Persuasive management style
  • Paternalistic management style

2- Democratic Management Styles

Even though employees share their opinions, the final decision still depends on the leader. Communication in this type of leadership is two-way, from the leader to his team. It opens a road to enhanced skill-set, ideas, and qualities of teamwork. It includes the following:

  • Consultant management style
  • Participative management style
  • Collaborative management style
  • Transformational management style
  • Coaching management style

3- Laissez-faire Management Styles

In this style, the employees can make decisions and openly discuss their thoughts and ideas. No supervision is provided, and the team solves problems on its own. Leadership management skills are required only at the team’s request. It has the following different approaches as discussed below:

  • Delegative management style
  • Visionary management style

Effects of Leadership on Team Management

Effective Team Management Skills for Leaders
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Leaders give the team a new vision and set it back on track. From having noble thoughts and goals to driving the team to work on transformational effects for the team, it has become a dire need for a leader to learn effective management skills for effective teamwork. A team of researchers worked on the approach of leadership skills in managing a team effectively. A leader affects a team’s integrity, vision, perception, and learning outcomes. Effective leadership skills can bring the following outcomes in teamwork:

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Inspiration
  • Loyalty
  • Talent
  • Encouragement

So, the leader’s leadership style promotes encouraging behavior of the employees and further 

promotes equality in the system leading to positivity in the environment.

Steps for Effective Team Management 

“Success is best when it is shared.” H. Schultz

Effective team management provides a fundamental framework for organizations to follow. With this, the organization will proceed in the right direction. A leader must promote the work culture by keeping himself humble. Constructive feedback can also bring consistency in employees’ work, leading to work in the right direction. It can also bring forth trust between employers and employees. Here are the following steps given for better leadership management:

  • Encourage feedback
  • Prioritize work-balance
  • Give recognition for task achievement
  • Define team-goals
  • Reduce turnover
  • Promote transparent communication
  • Introduce a clear vision
  • Harness team collaboration
  • Regulate constructive feedback 
  • Overcome social barriers
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Sana Nazeer is a creative writer working at Empire Weekly. She hails from the Punjab region of Pakistan, has a background in Chemistry, and is currently engaged in research related to nanoparticles. With a strong belief in the power of sharing her ideas to make a positive impact, she is viewed by her colleagues as goal-driven, sociable, and having a good-natured disposition.

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