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Elite Season 6 Review: Certainly improved with a focus on significant challenges

Elite Season 6 Review: Certainly improved with a focus on significant challenges
Image Credit: Elite/Netflix

The kids of Las Encinas and the trouble they get themselves into are still the main subjects of Elite season 6. This time, the group also includes a few new students. Netflix is currently streaming the episodes.

The plot of Elite Season 6:

After their father is taken into custody for both his business dealings and the murder of Samuel, Ari, Mencia, and Patrick return to school. Ivan is there for Patrick, although things between them aren’t always easy.

The transgender student Nico reminds Ari of Samuel, but Ari doesn’t treat Nico with the appropriate level of respect. In addition, she has been abusing alcohol rather than processing her grief in a healthy way.

Mencia meets Sara, a new student who is dating Raul and is a member of an influencer pair. She seeks to remove Sara from her violent relationship after realizing that it exists.

Isadora is still fighting for justice against the classmates who sexually assaulted her, and she gets help from Didac, a new student who at first doesn’t believe her but ultimately stands by her throughout the entire process.

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Elite Season 6 Review:

Elite Season 6 Review

This season, Carla Diaz takes on a more demanding role and displays a wide range of emotions, including grief, despair, and chilly adulthood. Without actually being bad, she is pretty cunning this season.

Manu Rios and André Lamoglia alternate roles as the relationship’s solid and unsteady members. Throughout their rocky journey together, they both perform brilliantly. Also masterfully shown by Lamoglia is Ivan’s sadness.

Valentina Zenere doesn’t enhance the dynamic persona she played in the previous season. She actually gives a much more muted performance this season, but it lacks the emotional weight needed to draw in the audience.

lvaro de Juana, Carmen Arrufat, Ander Puig, and Alex Pastrana are respectable cast members who do well in their respective roles.


There is clearly less drinking and sex, and more attention is paid to some very serious problems. While homosexuality among athletes is a topic that is rarely discussed, rape is still a hot-button issue.

When compared to its predecessors, this season as a whole has a lot more maturity, which is a sign of development. The show’s popularity in the beginning and this slightly different path are balanced well by the director.

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The elaborate costumes and scenery continue to be stunning. The lavish party scenes offer just the right blend of pomp and seriousness.

The series’ mood and the stories it is attempting to portray are perfectly complemented by the soundtrack, which is primarily techno-inspired.


The characters do evolve in certain ways, but occasionally they choose the worst route to pursue. Some people continue to provide a very abhorrent and terrible example for younger audiences.

The method for solving a mystery that was first introduced at the beginning is still being used in this chapter, and it doesn’t appear that it will be abandoned very soon. It is now foreseeable that the creators don’t appear receptive to change.

Since Samuel has been the main focus of the series from the start, his passing isn’t given as much attention as it should be because the attention has been diverted to the other characters. Although the goal is understandable, his story merited a little bit more of a happy ending.

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With this season being the first to not include any characters from before the third season, Elite season 6 represents something of a soft reset. Although a few cliches are brought up again, overall, this season is better than the last since several mature subjects are handled in a very mature manner.

The more recent characters in this dramatic saga take center stage, and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight.

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