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Fall Movie Review: Fantastic Survival Film – Goosebumps Guaranteed!

Scott Mann’s vertical thriller-cum-horror film released in India on December 9, and makes for a fantastic watch in theatres.

Fall Movie Review: Fantastic Survival Film - Goosebumps Guaranteed!

The movie Fall is having its India release four months after its US outing. The Scott Mann co-production and directorial had garnered mixed reviews abroad but collected a decent amount at the box office. We feel it is a fantastic survival film, apt for a view with family and friends.

What may have worked against it in the international markets is that Fall is not the regular over-the-top adventure thriller. That’s exactly why it will work for people who prefer milder thrillers that work their magic on the psyche rather than give jolts every now and then.

Fall Movie Review: Fantastic Survival Film - Goosebumps Guaranteed!

If you’ve enjoyed watching the film Vertical Limit in the theatre back in 2000, which now seems ages ago, you may like Fall. The thrills and chills in Fall are not even of the Vertical Limit level, though. Fall works on a subliminal level and an emotional one. Add some horror or supernatural/hallucination to it, if you may call it that.

But a likening to Vertical Limit doesn’t mean Fall is for the Millennials or Gen Z only. No way! In fact, the 2022 film seems to have been made for the generations who grew up on social media and for whom it is a way of life. There’s a live stream happening of the entire adventure (while the network lasts) in Fall.

Fall has its own twists and turns; some mountain climbing in the beginning and then the tallest tower-climbing. As we said, the movie works more on the subliminal level than the physical and will leave you with a solid message. What message you take from the thriller, is up to you.


Fall Movie Review: Fantastic Survival Film - Goosebumps Guaranteed!

Two young besties, Becky (Grace Caroline Currey) and Hunter (Virginia Gardner), and Becky’s husband Dan (Mason Gooding) are avid mountain climbers. A tragic accident happens on one such adventure, leaving Dan dead. A year passes but Becky is not able to get over the death of her husband. Her father (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) tries his best to console her, finally approaching Hunter to bring his daughter out of grief.

Becky and Hunter meet, and off they go again, the two BFFs, on an adventure. This time, it’s not a mountain – it’s a 2,000-ft tower in the middle of nowhere! (The B67 TV Tower in the California desert, to be precise.) And the thrill begins in the restricted area without a human or any help in sight. Well, a lot is in sight, considering it is the tallest tower they climb, but too far away or way up there for anyone to come and save you!

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Fall Movie Review: Fantastic Survival Film - Goosebumps Guaranteed!

Of course, there are mobile phones and drones et al. But what about the network? The battery?

It’s a simple ladder, what could go wrong? All that could go wrong while getting atop a tower does go wrong. It has not been shown in a loud manner but has more to do with the mind.

So, what else is there in the movie? As Becky and Hunter try to do everything they can to save themselves, including some useful life hacks, some secrets tumble out.

What more could happen at 2,000 feet above, stranded on a TV tower? Watch the film to know that. Goosebumps are guaranteed at every step of the way!

Unconvincing parts

Fall Movie Review: Fantastic Survival Film - Goosebumps Guaranteed!

How Hunter manages to convince Becky to do the terrifying climb and push herself at various junctures on the way, is in itself not convincing as a viewer. It has been disguised as doing something to overcome the fear that came with the sorrow of the earlier accident. Becky is always a little wary of this trip but in the end, she is the one who shows true survival instinct!

Going on a totally risky adrenaline-pumper like this without all the precautions and backup, also seems unconvincing. But then the young often do things on a whim and post it on social media, while ignoring their parents, only to realize their folly.

[SPOILER] In the end, the lead character seems to be more determined than shaken in spite of the back-to-back tragedies. This could’ve been shown perhaps over the years.

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What works 


A movie like this needs cinematography to induce goosebumps and wows in the same measure. MacGregor does a great job here.


The acting of the two main leads and even the father is convincing and natural. 


The dialogues are minimal but deep when needed. They are simple and one does not need subtitles.


The original soundtrack/theme of Fall by Tim Despic is brilliant. Madison Beer’s melodious song I Have Never Felt More Alive plays in the end credits and stays with you.

Film Editing

The editing by Robert Hall could have been more thrilling, but maybe it was his work that has made the film a good watch at least.

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In edge-of-the-seat action, Fall brings home two age-old philosophies – a) Survival of the fittest and b) Discretion is the better part of valour. More than the adventure, Fall is about the importance of relationships, living in the present, forgiveness, and courage.

Pro tip: Watch the film without subtitles to be able to get engrossed in the proceedings on screen.

Warning: Those with vertigo or fear of heights should avoid the film, although it is not like a roller coaster ride or anything. Stunts from a height are in non-adventure movies as well. So, it’s not a big deal. Whenever you are scared, just think that it may have been shot on a green screen. Enjoy the heebie-jeebies!

Rating: 3/5 Stars

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