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Fantastic Car Driving Tips for Beginners: From Zero to Hero

Just graduated from driving school? Pause your road trip plans and check out these cool beginner tips for newbies now. We tell you about it all- from seat belt to dashboard and beyond!

Fantastic Car Driving Tips for Beginners From Zero to Hero

Car driving tips are handy. Why? Trying out anything new can be fairly daunting. It could be learning the trombone or playing basketball, but the first steps are always painful. The same can be said about driving. However, rest assured that the struggles will end with time and the right amount of help. Read more here!

Know the Controls

You have to acquaint yourself with a car before you start driving. It is similar to learning how to use a computer for the first time. You understand the functions of the CPU, the monitor, the keyboard, and the mouse before you start meddling with these. So, before driving a car, you need to understand the three major pedals near your feet – the accelerator, the brake, and the clutch. Other than these, you must have the gear knobs and their positions by heart.

Remember that the foot controls function just like the order of the English alphabet – A, B, and C. The accelerator comes first, followed by the brake and then the clutch respectively. Learning how to use the gears can be a lifesaver. Once you have this down, you will not need to look at the gearbox constantly while driving. You could easily practice shifting the gears when the car engine is off, but that would put unreasonable pressure on your gearbox and maybe even damage it.

Modify the car to suit you

Most people learn to drive and then immediately start off with their car. What they forget is that the car has to be adjusted to fit their needs. The seat has to be adjusted and fixed according to height. It has to be pushed back or forth as required. The mirrors have to be fixed such that accidents can be prevented and the car can be reversed smoothly. In some vehicles, the steering wheel is also adjustable.

Remember to modify the positioning of the seats et al in the car to cater to your comfort. Adjustments have to be made such that there is no strain on you while you drive.

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Know your dashboard

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The dashboard right in front of the driver’s seat is there for a reason. It stays lit up and tells you the important news about your car. Familiarising yourself with the dashboard and controls helps you understand what features your car provides. These buttons give you access to the windshield, wipers, beam adjustments, fuel level, and more. Moreover, there are buttons on the dashboard that tell you if there is something wrong with the functioning of the car. These can help predict severe problems and prevent accidents as well. Symbols could show anything from low fuel to low tire pressure (which is a potentially dangerous situation). The color of the symbol lights are also significant. Green means everything is good, while red and yellow demand careful scrutiny and underlying issues.

What else do you need to know?

The following is a list of other basics you need to be informed about –

  • Wear your seatbelt (even a toddler knows this one!)
  • Hold the steering wheel with both hands and follow the “10 and 2” rule
  • Begin driving at medium speed (you are not in a Hollywood car chase sequence)
  • Keep the indicator signals handy
  • Follow traffic lights
  • Carry your car papers and driving license at all costs!

Practice, follow the basics, and zoom out for your long drives!

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