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Fidan Javadova: from Innovator Visa to disrupting clean technology

Meet Fidan Javadova, the trailblazing founder of BeWorks Automation, who is driving innovation and inclusivity in the UK’s cleantech industry.

Fidan Javadova: from Innovator Visa to disrupting clean technology

Fidan Javadova is a woman on a mission to revolutionize the UK cleantech industry with her innovative and inclusive solutions. As the founder of BeWorks Automation, a company focused on advancing electric mobility and renewable energy across the UK, she has set her sights on creating a more sustainable future. She is the first female Azerbaijani to be granted the coveted Innovator Visa by the UK government. 

As a child, Fidan dreamt of becoming a doctor, but she knew she had no patience in going to the lengthy medical school and residency. She wanted to be a changemaker sooner. So then went to study business at Cardiff University and then King’s College London. For Javadova, almost all the best startup ideas serve as solutions to social problems. BeWorks is a testament to her belief, in providing accessible electric vehicle charging and solar energy solutions for a greener future.

Coming from a family of engineers, Javadova wanted to create her own path in the industry. After attending a pre-accelerator programme by NatWest Entrepreneurship Programme in the UK, she was able to successfully get an endorsement from a business development company. This milestone allowed her to launch BeWorks, a cleantech engineering startup providing accessible electric vehicle charging and solar energy solutions. 

Fidan Javadova: from Innovator Visa to disrupting clean technology

“I have always been passionate about sustainability and the environment. As a cleantech entrepreneur, my aim is to develop inclusive and innovative solutions that can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the impact of climate change. With BeWorks, our goal is to increase awareness and present our automation technology as a catalyst for electric mobility and renewable energy across the UK,” said Javadova.

Research from Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) showed that only 14% of management positions in Science, Engineering, and Technology (SET) are held by women. It’s no wonder that Javadova felt she had to prove herself more as a female founder in this sector. She constantly seeks to learn and apply her knowledge using different approaches.

One of the biggest barriers to female leadership in this sector is that venture capital and finance remain male-dominated. Only 3% of venture capital partners are women and only 14% of start-up investors are women. Only 1% of the female-led businesses received external capital in the UK. This is very discouraging, as there are so many bright females, in need of financial support, who are striving to positively change our world. She overcame this challenge by looking into other funding alternatives such as crowdfunding, government grants, and investment fundraising, which helped her diversify her financial resources and strengthen her cash flow as she bootstraps her way to the top.

Javadova has launched a crowdfunding campaign to build a prototype of an accessible electric vehicle charger. After a successful design phase, she is now raising GBP25,000 to build her prototype, one that dozens of angel investors have been waiting for to confirm their pre-seed round. 

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Fidan Javadova: from Innovator Visa to disrupting clean technology

While being a startup founder sounds cool, it will take a toll on you. According to a study overseen by the University of California, entrepreneurs are 30% more likely to experience depression than members of the general population. So much so that clinical psychologists coined the term “founder depression” to represent a subset of depression prevalent among entrepreneurs. That is why Javadova believes in building a support system.

Back when she was working on the business plan to set up BeWorks Automation, she got married. While many would see getting married while starting a business as a potential derailment, she sees this as an opportunity to have stability in her personal life. She recognizes how much she relies on her husband’s support and encouragement. Her husband gives her the emotional support that every early-stage founder needs. 

As the cleantech industry continues to grow, Javadova and BeWorks Automation are well-positioned to play a vital role in advancing sustainable practices, creating jobs and economic opportunities, and driving societal and governmental change toward a more sustainable future.

Fidan Javadova: from Innovator Visa to disrupting clean technology

The future of clean energy is looking bright, and Fidan Javadova is at the forefront of innovation in the clean tech industry. As the CEO of BeWorks Automation, she is leading the way in developing inclusive and accessible EV charging solutions. BeWorks Automation plans to stay ahead of the curve. She highlighted the growing emphasis on developing a circular economy, reducing waste, and recycling materials.

“I believe that diversity is crucial in the clean energy sector, as we cannot tackle climate change with only half of the population’s support. The clean energy industry is of growing importance, and to truly prosper, all talents, including female talent, must be mobilized and retained,” Javadova said.

Javadova emphasized the need for inclusivity and accessibility and that is the impact BeWorks Automation hopes to make in the lives of vulnerable communities through their EV charging solutions. She spoke about the challenges facing disabled motorists and the importance of creating solutions that cater to everyone’s needs.

Fidan Javadova: from Innovator Visa to disrupting clean technology

Her passion for diversity and inclusion is evident, and it’s clear that she believes in the power of empowering women and other underrepresented groups. Javadova’s decade-long work in the green energy, electrification, and decarbonization field was recognized by the British Council, which presented her with Her Majesty’s Ambassador award in 2021. Her Majesty’s British Ambassador, James Sharp, named her as a role model for women in science and innovation in his speech. 

Fidan Javadova is an inspiration for all young girls who aspire to pursue a career in a field that may not be easily accepted in their culture. She proves that with hard work, dedication, and a supportive partner and family, anything is possible. Her story is one of determination, resilience, and success. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for this breakout entrepreneur.

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