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For Mission Impossible 7, Tom Cruise dives from a cliff with a motorcycle, attempting his “most risky stunt” to date

In behind-the-scenes footage from Mission Impossible 7, Tom Cruise can be seen getting ready for his “most risky stunt ever,” which involves jumping off a cliff while riding a motorcycle and without a safety harness.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise posted a lengthy film showing some never-before-seen production footage from his biggest and riskiest stunt to date. In the upcoming seventh installment of the Mission Impossible series, the actor, who is known for completing some life-threatening action sequences in his movies, will be seen diving over a cliff with a motorcycle. The scenario was hinted to in the initial trailer for the movie. In-depth BTS footage of the actor getting ready for the sequence is shown in the new video.

In the BTS Video

Tom’s voice can be heard saying, “This is by far the most risky thing we have ever attempted,” in the first scene of the film, which shows a ramp at the edge of a precipice. This will be a base jump into a motorbike jump off a cliff. Since I was a young child, I have desired to accomplish this. Prior to the arrival of director Christopher McQuarrie on screen, a montage depicts all of Tom’s preparation for this life-threatening stunt. To make this happen, he explains, “Tom put together this master plan to coordinate all of these experts in each of the specific fields involved.”

Tom Cruise

The trainers and specialists go on to detail Tom’s year-long base jumping and canopy training as preparation for the stunt. Pictures show the actor base jumping from an airplane while the professionals follow close behind. The scene then shifts to the ground where Tom is honing his motocross riding skills. The cast explains that the actor trained on a motocross course that they built and that as a result, he is adept at leaping over table tops that are 70 to 80 feet high.

Creating the stunt is just one of the hurdles, according to director Christopher. The alternative is to set up a camera to capture it from the appropriate perspective. Tom trained for the act by performing 13,000 motocross jumps and 500 skydives, according to the stunt team. Then, before traveling to Norway to shoot the actual stunt, they created a mock ramp in England so Tom could practice making the motorcycle jump.

Other details about the movie

Formally known as Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning Part 2, which is anticipated to tie out the series for Tom, will be published in 2024 after Dead Reckoning Part 1, the seventh MI movie, which will be released the following year. Since the first movie hit theatres in 1996, a lucrative franchise has been ongoing. Tom has acted in every movie in the series.

The actor performs the stunt by speeding a motorcycle off the side of a cliff, as explained by Tom Cruise. As he continues, he bases jumps through the air. The action actor put in arduous preparations for the scenario, which required more than 500 skydives and 13,000 motocross jumps, in the below-shared behind-the-scenes video.

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Tom Cruise

At the end of the video, director Christopher McQuarrie says that his plans for the upcoming Mission: Impossible movie are the only thing that scares him more.

Cruise plays Ethan Hunt, a special agent of the Impossible Missions Force, in the seventh installment of the franchise, Dead Reckoning. The movie, which is currently scheduled for release in July 2023, gets its first in-depth look in a Paramount behind-the-scenes video.

Check out the video here:

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