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Freddy movie review: Watch as Kartik Aryan Ventures Into the World of Thrillers

With multiple dark twists, Kartik Aryan starer Freddy keeps one glued to their screens for the trajectory of the story invokes curiosity and suspicion in equal parts. The movie is now available to watch on the streaming platform Disney plus Hotstar.

Freddy movie review: Watch as Kartik Aryan Ventures Into the World of Thrillers

Directed by Shashanka Ghosh, Freddy is a psychological thriller featuring Kartik Aryan as Freddy and Alaya F as Kainaaz Irani as the lead characters. The story and characters have multiple layers and one thoroughly enjoys them as they reveal themselves one by one throughout the movie. The trailer, released a couple of weeks earlier had invoked mixed reactions among the audience. Kartik Aryan, usually seen in comic roles, was a breath of fresh air in the trailer. 

The movie opens with a dark scene in a cafe, where Freddy is seen waiting for a ‘date’. Within the first few minutes, the nature of the protagonist becomes clear to the audience as he acts both nervous and shy in front of the other gender. One becomes aware of his introverted nature as he goes back to his home, to his best friend, his turtle- Hardy, who does have an important part to play in his life.

Following this, Dr. Freddy Ginwala’s uneventful daily routine is showcased, which includes going to his dental clinic, painting miniature airplanes, and talking to Persis aunty. The only thing that is missing from his life is a ‘soulmate’, for which he regularly meets potential females, who eventually turn him down. 

Freddy Trailer

The plot takes a turn when Freddy encounters Kainaaz Irani (Alaya F) at a Parsi wedding, where he instantly gets infatuated by her beauty, but within minutes his glass castle is shattered as he learns about her marriage to Rustom Irani, an abusive partner. All this is followed by Kainaaz’s entry into his clinic for a dental checkup, this one meeting turns into frequent, hidden meetings over shared ice creams and stories about Kainaaz’s abusive marriage.

Freddy movie review: Watch as Kartik Aryan Ventures Into the World of Thrillers

Freddy falls in love and what follows next is a series of unexpected events. Freddy ‘kills’ Rustom in the anticipation of marrying Kainaaz, but she has other plans. She moves in with her ‘boyfriend’ Raymond, who, along with Kainaaz, beat Freddy up and mocks him. 

Though an introvert, Freddy genuinely loves Kainaaz, and in order to teach the duo a lesson, he concocts up an infallible plan, with intricacies that would pass as spoilers! Overall, the second half of the movie is what holds the thrill, as Freddy, using his wit, proves to be an ace of spades, while Kainaaz and Rustom struggle to cope with what is happening in their lives. One cannot help but appreciate the details of how the dentist comes up with passive ways of torturing the couple.

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The entire movie showcases bits and pieces of Parsi culture, ingrained in names like Rustom and Raymond, in food names such as raspberry soda and bun muska, and even in the name of the restaurant, ‘Light of Persia’. The movie greatly taps into the potential of Kartik Aryan, who shines through, as does Alaya F, whose character takes a 360-degree turn in a matter of minutes, which she does justice to.

Avilokita Kesharwani is a content writer and movie critic at Empire weekly. She’s a graduate from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi who is currently exploring the creative field. She is passionate about reading and has a flair for creative writing. She runs her own blog and has been working as a professional content writer for more than two years.

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