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Ghar Waapsi Review: Emotional Tale and Endearing Story 

Dice Media and Disney Plus Hotstar’s Ghar Waapsi is a complete family entertainer with an emotional touch. Here’s all you need to know about it.

Ghar Waapsi Review: An Emotional Tale with an Endearing Story
Image Credits: Disney+ Hotstar

Disney Plus Hotstar’s Ghar Waapsi is a story about Shekhar (Vishal Vashishtha) who loses his job in a big city and feels constrained to come back home for a few weeks until he finds a new job. However, for the first time, he decides to take up his family’s responsibility and decides to do something which might seem impossible to a few people who are stuck in their corporate lives.

The six-episode series gives us a family of five which includes a controlling mother, a happy-going-lucky father, a son who returns to Indore after losing his job in Bangalore, and his younger brother who is reckless in making business decisions, and their carefree sister.

Ghar Waapsi Review: An Emotional Tale with an Endearing Story
Image Credits:

Shekhar Dwivedi (Vishal Vashishtha) who is being sacked from his job returns to his family in his hometown Indore. The first two episodes are a bit tedious to watch. Shekhar struggles to apply for new jobs and settle with his family and every particular character of the Dwiwedi family. But eventually, we can see the growth in the script as the writers Tatsat Pandey and Bharat Misra get a grip on the script.

As the episodes carry on the story tends to get warm as they are drawn from the real-life experiences of Ruchir Arun the director himself. The vignettes are warm, fun, loving, and touching. The scene where Shekhar’s mother cooks him his favorite food and his younger brother complains about not cooking their ‘manpasand khana’ is a scene that is common in every household. It brings a smile to your face as you have teased your parents the same for loving your older sibling more at some point.

When Shekhar’s friend complains about him getting busy with his work and job and not having time to reply to his text or call, you relate as you too are guilty of avoiding your friends someday.

Atul Srivastava plays the role of an empathetic father in the show who would be completely out of place as we see in traditional Bollywood films. He has no hard feelings for Shekhar moving away from home to fulfill his dreams. He doesn’t praise him while he helps him revive his travel agency as he feels that it might hold him back at home.

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When his younger brother Sanju tells him about his ambitions the exchange is the same and still endearing. And when he tells his daughter to ignore her mother who scolded her for going out with a guy you realize that now parents and children aren’t on opposing teams.

Not just Srivastava but every other character in the show has given a convincing performance. Vishal Vashishtha who played Shekhar gets out the frustration of every corporate employee’s life right after being the oldest son in the family. Saad Bilgram and Anushka Kaushik got their perfect parts as siblings.

Vibha Chibber reminds you of your mother. Ajitesh Gupta who plays Shekhar’s best friend is warm and fills the parts of every desired best friend. The writers of the show Tatsat and Bharat have made sure that every character makes an affectionate touch on the audience.

In Dwivedi’s, we get to see a very Indian middle-class family that without saying I love you to each other makes you feel a deep bond among them.

Ghar Waapsi is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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