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Good Friday: The Sacrifice On The Cross Of The Thorn-Crowned God

Good Friday 2022 will be marked on the 15 of April (a national holiday), the day of grief observed in memory of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and death for the sins of humans so on this day one asks for forgiveness for one’s sin.

Good Friday

Good Friday is a religious day for Christians across the world. Also known as Great Friday, black and holy Friday. This is the day when all the Christian followers mourn the death of Jesus Christ who was arrested by Gethsemane and was condemned to death by Pontius Pilate (Governer of the Roman province of Judaea).

According to the bible, the Son of God (Jesus Christ) suffered for humanity and their sins. The man who is at the very heart of the Christian faith was told to carry the Cross (dogwood tree) that weighed over 135 kg where he was flogged and barely walked by the former route of Antonia fortress to the church of holy sepulchre (distance of 600 meters) which is now celebrated a place of Christian pilgrimage in Golgotha. Simon helped Jesus carry the cross because Jesus Christ fell too many times because of the physical pain. 

The cross is both blessed and cursed by the god. And then Jesus Christ was crucified against the cross where he took his last painful breaths which according to the bible was a divine plan to save humanity and restore people’s broken relationship with God (Atonement). 

Let’s get more insight into the day that is filled and stirred up with a lot of emotions, about the history & significance, the Holy Week celebration, easter eggs, and bunnies, and what’s open on the good Friday.  

Fact, History & Significance
Good Friday: The Sacrifice On The Cross Of The Thorn-Crowned God

The good Friday date isn’t fixed, it shifts every year and follows the lunar calendar where the first moon takes place after the spring equinox which marks the beginning of the spring season.   

According to the biblical scriptures, this is the day when Jesus Christ was brought by the Jewish authorities to Rome for judgment who claimed that he was the son of god and king of Jews. And because of this Pontius pilate gave him the highest form of punishment which is death by crucifixion. Jesus Christ was beaten and forced to carry the cross in front of the cheering crowd and was nailed by the wrist, and legs, and was left to suffer for 6 hours so that everyone’s sins would be eliminated and people would get free from the misery of life.

Even though this day is filled with sins, and sorrowful pain, it brings new hope and tells us that good will always win even if someone has to go through the eternal sufferings of life”. 

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The Holy Week & How It Is Celebrated
Good Friday: The Sacrifice On The Cross Of The Thorn-Crowned God

The holy week is the official week that leads to Good Friday and Easter day. This day comprises five Holy days and prepares one for the holiest day that is Easter Sunday.  This process includes-Palm Sundays, Holy Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and the final day Easter Sunday.  

On Palm, Sunday Christian worshipers celebrate the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem. 

This is followed by Holy Wednesday where one attends the services of Pslams (poems or hymns) and does other readings related to it. The candles on the candelabrum are removed. This highlights the growing darkness and anguish of  Jesus Christ who was abandoned by his disciples. 

The Maundy Thursday follows and marks the day of Jesus Christ’s last supper which he shared with his 12 disciples but he gets betrayed and gets arrested by one of his disciples – Juda Iscariot.

This leads to a tortuous, sorrowful, and hopeful day.

Good Friday is the day when Jesus Christ was crucified where he endured the agony to save and repair the humanity from sins that broke the bond between God and humanity. 

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This day symbolizes when Jesus Christ triumphed. Because he descends to hell to liberate free spirits who were captivated and take them to paradise.  

And the last day of the holy week is Easter day which celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection when he rose from the dead (seen by his disciples) proving that he had been successful in saving humanity from sins.   

The entire week people go to churches, do fasting, do not eat meat or dairy products, and attend the services to recall and try to experience what Jesus Christ must have been through and how he sacrificed his life and suffered for humanity so that people can be set free from their sins and live a peaceful and hopeful life.  

Easter Eggs & Bunnies
Good Friday: The Sacrifice On The Cross Of The Thorn-Crowned God

This is part of the religious celebration of Easter Sunday. Easter eggs represent birth and fertility. After the 40 days of fasting, these Easter eggs bring the joy of eating delicious food back. These Easter eggs are filled with chocolates and are painted beautifully. 

Good Friday: The Sacrifice On The Cross Of The Thorn-Crowned God

The Easter bunnies bring sweets and these chocolate eggs to children on Sunday morning. There are numerous activities and games played on this day like treasures hunting for easter eggs and decorating them. 

What’s Open on Good Friday & Easter Sunday?


It is a national holiday for the entire world where almost all shops will be closed. The retail shops, entertainment areas, shopping centers, pubs, pharmacies, and public transport will be open for a short period so that people can spend this new day which is filled with hope, rebirth, connection, good days ahead, and bond with not just god but with the entire family at home.            

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