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Here’s a guide to unwrapping the most awaited gift of the year – Spotify wrapped

It is the holiday season and an end to yet another year. What better way to celebrate it than to look back at how far one has come! Global streaming giant Spotify recently released its well noted ‘Spotify Wrapped’ for the year 2022 making its users nostalgic.

Here’s A Guide To Unwrapping The Most Awaited Gift Of The Year – Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped: It started the trend last year, which was a pleasant surprise for all its listeners. With the option of sharing on social media platforms, the move was a huge hit, not just among its listeners but among the artists as well. This year, the company has introduced a few tweaks to make the feature even more enjoyable. One can experience a more personalized touch, including messages, notes, and pictures.

Here’s how you can get your Spotify Wrapped on your smartphone. 

Here’s a guide to unwrapping the most awaited gift of the year - Spotify wrapped

Log in to the Spotify App

To get a personalized experience, log into the Spotify app using your email or phone number. This will allow the platform to read and curate your; listening experience. If you are a frequent listener, the app is likely to have certain playlists pre-made for you. 

Update to the latest version

If you have already logged into your app or are a member of the premium version, the next step would be to check whether you are on the latest version of the app, for which, simply go to the App Store in case of Apple and to the Google Playstore in case of an Android phone. Then go to the app page and see if the app is up to date, in case the notification says otherwise, update the app to its latest version. Fill in your credential once the app has been updated. 

Open the Spotify app

Open the updated app and you will most likely notice a card that reads ‘Spotify wrapped’, tap on it, and voila! Your personalized presentation is ready. 

Features of the 2022 version

Spotify Wrapped 2022 has been largely appreciated by users for its broad coverage of themes. Right from brightly colored backgrounds to stunning visuals, the new version is an experience in itself. It is space-themed and thus, mentions certain astronomical terms for the user. It shows the various genres explored, the most popular ones among them, it then moves on to the most listened artist and the most listened song, followed by the total time spent on the app. It also has a couple of pages dedicated to the top five songs and artists enjoyed by the listener. The last page holds a kind thank you note from the app. 

The listener also has the option of downloading his or her “top 100” songs, compiled by the app itself. What makes this experience unique is the fact that each page of the wrap can be easily shared on social media, something that is thoroughly enjoyed by the people. It also has a similar page for artists as well, wherein they get to know about their listeners, their most popular compositions, and the minutes their creations were streamed. Overall, it is a wholesome experience as it instills a sense of nostalgia as the user looks back at their year-long memories. 

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Avilokita Kesharwani is a content writer and movie critic at Empire weekly. She’s a graduate from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi who is currently exploring the creative field. She is passionate about reading and has a flair for creative writing. She runs her own blog and has been working as a professional content writer for more than two years.

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