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Heropanti 2 Movie Review

A sequel movie of Heropanti starring Tiger Shroff with the same actions and diversions taken from the previous one, this time gives no element of surprise but rather a confusion of continuity.

Heropanti 2 Movie Review

Tiger Shroff, a terrific actor was first seen in his debut movie Heropanti, dating back in 2014. He brought tons of power sequences as shown in the movie. As an emerging actor, it was expected that he would be appearing on the screens with a more quality presence as the time comes. However, landing on the present scenario of his new project Heropanti 2, eight years of wait is rather less worthy.   

Let’s take a brief dive and know the story, cast, and review of Heropanti 2


Heropanti 2 Movie Review
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With Tiger Shroff (Babloo) as the protagonist, Heropanti 2 is a movie directed by Ahmed Khan, written by Rajat Arora, and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala. In addition to the main actor, Tara Sutaria (Inaaya) is shown as the love interest of Tiger Shroff. Whereas Nawazuddin Siddiqui (Laila)  is depicted as the antagonist or as we know it, the main nemesis. 


Heropanti 2 Movie Review
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The story begins with the lavish stunts and opening of Babloo Ranawat’s character, where he is a recognized hacker known for his work across the entire world but apparently “Babloo dhundhne se nahi, kismat se milta hai” or so does the dialogue states. With a similar set of acting performances, luxury cars, and tons of global rivals, Babloo sets in for the story ahead. 

The musical piece of A.R. Rahman steps up with the entry of Inaaya, the attractive lover of Babloo. Both Babloo and Inaaya form a romantic connection and Inaaya becomes Babloo’s sidekick to defeat the villain, Laila. Little does he know that Inaaya turns out to be Laila’s sister.

Here, Laila is not only a magician but a twisted psycho god of cybercrimes. His character is full of serial killings and evil laughs. And with all the drama ongoing, Amrita Singh, Babloo’s mother also pops in between with her mother bearing performance. 

From here on, Babloo embarks on the journey to catch Laila, and end the feud once and for all. 


Heropanti 2 Movie Review

The plotline of Heropanti 2 is scattered all over the place. On one side, Babloo has a similar appearance of fighting off his enemies with his shirt off and fancy stuntwork.

While on the other hand, Laila wants to rob all the banks present in the world, ignoring the fact of practicality and relevancy in the real world. Because for Laila, cybercrimes and robbery is a child’s play, which seems completely out of sense. To top this drama, Inaaya is shown as the lover with sexual desires coming out inappropriately on Babloo.

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It’s more harassing than actually stirring romance, because of which both the characters Inaaya and Babloo, fall short of spark between them. The movie takes a lot of scene jumps which can leave the audience on a hanging note of confusion as to what was all the movie about. This only makes it more sure that Heropanti 2 did fall off the expectation bar despite the brilliant cast and high production value of the film.

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Nandini Kulkarni is an Entertainment News Analyst and content writer at Empire Weekly. She is currently a university student pursuing a BBA in International Business.

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1 Comment

  1. Ankit khajuria

    May 2, 2022 at 12:48 pm

    Yaa the movie is very much what nandini here told us.

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