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Hollywood horror films based on true events

Horror films are frightening enough on their own, but stories based on true events are even more terrifying.

Hollywood horror films based on true events
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There are days, we all want to wrap up in our blankets with a tub of popcorn and watch a scary horror movie, but not alone, perhaps with our friends or family.

Horror movies are a popular genre in terms of films. While it is easy and entertaining to watch a spooky horror movie, there are very few well-made ones that end up giving someone goosebumps at the end of the film. It is indeed challenging to write, produce and release a horror movie to an audience.

While Bollywood as an industry has remained stagnant and unexplored in terms of horror or scary movies, Hollywood has aced this game way before time. Some of the best horror movies are produced by Hollywood. 

While watching a horror film in particular it’s easy to dismiss the film’s thrills as fabricated. Unless the storyline is based on true circumstances. That works as a plus point as it makes things slightly difficult, scary, and entertaining.

It’s usually more horrifying for viewers to learn that the horror film they saw is established in genuine circumstances. Rather than a complete creative creation developed for the audiences.

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Well, the good news is there are numerous fan-favorite famous horror films that are based on genuine stories and some of them sure do send chills down one’s spine.

Check out a few of them listed below –

Hollywood horror films based on true events
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The Exorcist, a movie based on a book inspired by true events is the story of a boy named Ronald Doe. It revolves around the exorcism of this young boy from demonic possession. Roland allegedly spoke in a gravelly voice and was held responsible for the furniture and things unexpectedly moving or flying across the room, along with several bizarre, inexplicable noises. The youngster also turned aggressive during two different exorcisms, fracturing one priest’s nose and sliding out of one of his arm shackles, plunging his arm into his mattress, shattering a metal spring, and slashing another priest with a sharp item. This movie is considered to be one of the scariest movies in the history of horror movies!!


This film revolves around something truly terrifying. Apparently, director Wes Craven decided to make this film after reading an article in the LA Times about a household who overcame The Cambodia Killing Fields.

Despite the fact that the family fled to America, their youngest son had recurring dreams about something hunting him. As a reason, he would attempt to stay awake for days in a row. When he fell asleep, he screamed all night, but by the time his family arrived, the boy was dead. 


The film The Possession is primarily inspired by a genuine story of a haunted wine cabinet, sometimes known as a dybbuk box. According to Coming Soon, a little girl is fascinated by an ancient wooden box she finds at a yard sale in the film, but in reality, this wooden box was sold on eBay. Strange and creepy things begin to happen to the new owners of the box in both versions, fictional and real.

It is said that the cast and crew of the film were also subjected to strange occurrences. This included bursting light bulbs, cold gusts on site, and a strange fire that damaged the film’s props but none of them had a known cause.

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THE RITE – 2011

One of the most popular movies on exorcism and evil, This film, based on the life of one of America’s most famous exorcists, Father Gary Thomas, will terrify the heck out of anyone. One word of caution: do not attempt to watch this alone.


While most people are well aware of Ed and Lorraine Warren’s cases thanks to the popularity of The Conjuring, it’s nevertheless startling and unsettling to discover that the films in this world are based on real occurrences. The first film follows the Warrens as they try to assist the Perron family in surviving a supernatural phenomenon at their new farmhouse.


The film is closely based on real-life serial murderer John List, although it takes substantial liberties to portray the horror of List’s true narrative. The namesake stepfather is portrayed as a serial murderer in the film, murdering his family, relocating, remarrying, and planning to murder his following family.


A popular film based on the family of The Lutzes whose house was possessed and they later allegedly experienced many of the phenomena depicted in the film, including swarms of flies inside the house out of season, vivid nightmares of the murders, cold spots, mysterious smells, and noises. George Lutz unknowingly awakenings up every morning at 3:15, which he later discovered was the time the murders occurred. Indeed, the Lutz family did escape the house without their belongings, never to return.

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Sweta Choudhury is an Entertainment News Analyst and Content Writer at Empire Weekly. She is a journalism and mass communication student at Amity University, Noida.

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