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How Aesthetically Fashion Weaves the Threads of Remarkable Societal Change  

Fashion is more than fabrics and threads; it creates a visual story that weaves the tapestry of a value-based progressive society or colossal societal changes.

How Aesthetically Fashion Weaves the Threads of Remarkable Societal Change

Fashion is not only an aesthetic element but also a mirror that can reflect the cultural, and political identity of a distinct period. In other words, fashion has evolved a remarkable societal change throughout history. It serves as a canvas for a personal style statement. At present, fashion continues to adapt to the significant societal changes, occurring around the world. Fashion is more than fabrics and threads; it creates a visual story that weaves the tapestry of a value-based progressive society or colossal societal changes. 

Revolution in Fashion: A Catalyst for Societal Change

Let’s embark on the journey of monumental societal changes through time so that we can properly understand the interconnection between fashion and society. However, A revolution in fashion evolved as a new sartorial elegance.  

The French Revolution Altered the Fashion Society

The French Revolution was not merely a political phenomenon; it indicated a sudden change in the ideals of society advocating equality and freedom. Besides, fashion also shifted its genre from extravagant styles to simple, elegant ones. With the guillotine, the weight of bulky fashion also dropped during that time.

Fashion Transforms Itself Along with the Liberty of Women

In different sectors of society, women fought for their rights, equality, and power which left an irresistible impact on fashion. Once upon a time, heavy makeup, corsets, ties, etc. were considered the incarnation of feminism. But today, women choose their attire freely that suits them the best from the enormous options of fashion. 

Fashion always maintained a pace with the women’s rights movement. On the other hand, fashion drives women to challenge the gender stereotypes of society. For example, pants, trousers, suits, shorts, shirts, t-shirts, etc. were never imagined as women’s clothes. Nowadays, those are empowering women in their personal as well as professional lives that determine their role in society. 

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Aftermath of World War II Encountered a Shift in Color Palette

After the ravages of war society saw a shift in color palette in the feminine fashion. Somber hues or dark shades replaced the delicate lighter pastels of colors of older times. This shift heralded the flexibility and adaptability of society. During that time, women started to embrace pants as their daily wear and embellished them in darker hues. 

Fashion Today Strides Towards Social Progress

Fashion is not always about personal style statements, it is also a lens through which we can study cultural values. It shows us a glimpse of our future. Streetwear has gushed in the age of social media. Here are five ways in which fashion is leading societal changes:

  • The concept of sustainability in day-by-day growing that results in eco-friendly fashion. Emerging brands are introducing sustainable fashion trends, giving worth to responsible consumption.
  • Feminism and gender equality have recreated fashion as women are demanding their rights to dress as they like and challenge the stereotypes.
  • With due respect to the LGBTQIA+ community, fashion industries represent genderless fashion as a mainstream fashion trend. 
  • Fashion is breaking the myth of size standards. So, brands are expanding their size ranges accordingly to promote body positivity and inclusivity. 
  • ‘Beauty comes in all shades and forms’ – the fashion brands are acknowledging this concept. As a result, they are embracing diverse skin tones and gliding towards more inclusivity. 


Fashion has a symbiotic relationship with society. It is continuously evolving with societal changes that are challenging the stereotypes and status quo. Remember, you are not dressing for yourself, but for the world wherein you are living and the future world that you want to create. If you look back at ancient or medieval times history, you will witness the vigorous relationship between societal changes and fashion trends. Therefore, your clothing or fashion statement will remain as a piece of evidence to the world that you are striding toward a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable future.

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