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How To Become An Astrologer

Astrology is the study of the movement and the positioning of the moon, sun, planets, and stars in the belief that it affects the personality and lives of a person.

How To Become An Astrologer

Don’t we just love the feeling of laying down under the sky and stargazing? Yes, we do. It is the only time when we get the chance to forget all the burdens in our lives and lose ourselves in this deep dark ocean of the sky filled with stars, looking like fireflies taking us to a dream place. 

And there is no doubt that the moon is the only childhood company that hasn’t stopped being around us who sits with us and listens to all our thoughts, secrets, and our dreams patiently without being judgemental.

But what if there is a reason behind all this, of why we get pulled into the sky. What if the stars and the planets are guiding us. Where we can control and predict our fate. This is when astrology comes into the picture.

Before getting to know how to be an astrologer. Let’s look into what astrology is. Which will help you decide if you want to learn astrology as a hobby or fun and move from a serious hobbyist to a professional astrologer or not.

What Is Astrology
Astrology Explained: What Is Astrology? - YouTube

Astrology is the study of the movement and the positioning of the moon, sun, planets, and stars in the belief that it affects the personality and lives of a person. Astrology is said to be a calculated study of planetary movements and constellations. Noticing the patterns that had occurred hundreds of years ago. 

The stars and planets are the markers of time that show us what cycle we are in when a person is born(This is one way to travel back in time). As we grow older we feel we have lesser time and to save up time we find patterns in our life. And in astrology, it is said that finding patterns of what had happened in past through the planet’s location, helps people predict present and future events.   

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Who Is An Astrologer 
List of Top 10 Astrologers | LoveToKnow

An astrologer is a person who studies and understands the positioning of the celestial bodies(sun, moon, and other planets in the solar system) in the birth chart of the individual. And this is why astrologers can predict the future. The astrologer with the help of the birth chart can give an actual prediction which leaves a lot of people with shock. Click here to know why

What Is A Birth Chart?

A birth chart is also known by other names like- Natal chart, Star chart, and the most famous one- Horoscope. Your horoscope is a snapshot of the sky at the time of your birth. It is a map that shows all the major planets and Astral bodies that were located at the time you were born.

Most people are aware of the sun sign but not aware of the other signs, which play an important role. And that is why some people end up feeling it’s not accurate. It is because the sun sign is just the first step, there are multiple aspects to astrology that governs our lives. Sometimes the sun sign can give you an accurate prediction but it is the Natal chart that is more accurate because it pinpoints the prediction with the exact time and place.

Check Out The Free Websites To Get Your Natal Chart

The natal chart can be a bit complex to read so here are detailed to simple steps to read your birth chart and get the interpretation with the reports. You can also check ( for the same.

How To Become An Astrologer

Any field of study requires patience and hard work and so does studying astrology.

1. Basic Study

First, you need to study astrology on your own to see if you see a  future in this field. You can pick up books to read on astrology that will widen your knowledge and give you more depth.

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2. Studying The Natal Chart

With the gained knowledge you can read yours as well read your friend’s astrological signs and natal chart and experiment with it. 

You can set up online chat rooms for discussion. And websites like NCGR will provide you with local chapters and meetings.

3. Professional Reading

Get your natal chart read by a professional astrologer which will help you to learn different styles of understanding and approaches. 

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4. Get The Certificate And Be Certified

Take up an online course or in-person classes and find a field in astrology that you want to work in. And get certified to get more clients.

5. Business And License

Read all the requirements, rules, restrictions to set up an astrology business in your locality. Acquire the necessary documentation and apply for a business license. 

6. Investment And Target Audience

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The necessary equipment for astrology needs to be purchased. Set a budget in a way that will profit you and the client. 

Promote your business in online ads to attract the audience. 

7. Finally, be open to learning because astrology requires years of study to understand it. And don’t skip or miss out on the little details, because it will take you to the fun part. 

Here are the 5 tips to learn astrology for beginners

The Debate

Many scientists say that astrology is superstitious and the pseudoscience because it has failed scientific tests. And some people say it is real.

Science and astrology or let it be any field is a developing field, where the answers to anything are not always accurate or 100% true. And the answers keep evolving with years. Even though we have developed with technology and science. Life always finds a way to surprise people in the most unexpected ways making us question the entire existence of the world and ourselves and of what we have learned. Maybe accepting and understanding different kinds of beliefs and ideas can help us get closer to the answer.

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