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How to Excel the Athleisure Fashion: 6 Styling Tips

This fashion trend has evolved into an aspirational lifestyle and a worldwide phenomenon, catering to the needs of contemporary affluent consumers who seek to achieve a harmonious blend of both comfort and style. The Fall 2023 Fashion Season has showcased athleticwear trends that you can embrace and incorporate into your wardrobe as essential staples.

Mastering Athleisure Fashion

Do you wonder about how to style yourself with athleisure fashion? Or, do you think what athleisure fashion is? Athleisure is a blended word of two – ‘athletic’ and ‘leisure’. It is not only a fashion trend. This fashion category is defined as casual clothing which is designed for both exercising and general use. In other words, this fashion fad has become an aspirational lifestyle and global phenomenon to meet the demand of the modern affluent customers who desire to balance comfort and style as well. The Fall 2023 Fashion Season has shown athleticwear trends you can pick for yourself and make your new closet staple. 

6 Pro Tips to Flaunt Athleisure Fashion

People of all ages are now flaunting the athleisure fashion to look super chic. So, here are some styling tips for you to wear classy athleisure wear that might work for you the best. 

  • Initially, you can pick some essential pieces like black full-legged tights, light jackets, and co-ords from your wardrobe. Then you mix these formal ones such as denim and oversized white shirts with sportswear.
  • Secondly, you might love to wear a knee-length pair of jeans with heeled boots and a white sports bra. Combine this with a large white shirt and a cross-body fancy bag. 
  • Looking for a perfect substitute for leather pants? Well, you can wear a white sports bra under a sheer mesh top with shiny black thighs.
  • Style with cute tennis skirts that can be worn with ballet shoes and lightweight oversized jackets. 
  • You must go for cycling shorts or bike shorts and blend them with heels, a blazer, or a shirt if your fashion inspiration is the late Princess Diana.
  • You can’t be wrong if you try to layer your below-knee-length shorts with jackets or corsets over white tees or fitted spaghetti tops. Of course, pair this with heels.

Explore colors for Your Athleisure Fashion

Athleisure activewear mainly comes in popping or vibrant colors. Try to buy these in neutral colors or monotone and matching sets if you are confused a little bit while choosing colors.

Choose Accessories to Go with Athleisure Fashion

If you want a more glamorous look, you can wear multiple gold rings and medium-sized hoops. In addition to this, let’s have a try for sporty accessories like a baseball cap, sweatbands for your wrists, headbands, and cross-body fanny packs. A high ponytail or a half-done messy bun with neutral or pastel makeup can help you look sporty-chick as well. 


So, don’t be guilty or uncomfortable wearing yoga pants or basketball shorts outside to be a simple canvas for athleisure outfits. Recently, you might have witnessed this trend in the ongoing 2023 US Open in New York City. Remember Kendall Jenner’s look for the 2023 US Open! She wore a sweater tied to her waist and a baseball cap to look sporty-chic with athleisure fashion. Let’s follow this trend and go ahead with this evolution in mixing-matching sportswear. 

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  1. samim

    September 10, 2023 at 9:25 pm

    It’s interesting to know about Athleisure, such a euphemistic way of talking about fashion and leisure😁

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