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How to use social media properly

You can use social media to improve your life. Here are some rules of social media etiquette.

How to use social media properly

Social media is often used for social interaction, news and information, and decision-making. In addition to communicating, sharing, and creating information locally and globally, it also serves as a tool for collaborating. People’s lives are being changed by the internet today, making communication much simpler. 

Simple messages on the computer or mobile phone, or even email, allow us to keep up with someone’s life quite easily. It allows communication not only in a personal capacity but also in a business capacity. 

You can use social media to improve your life. Here are some rules of social media etiquette:
  • You shouldn’t mix business and pleasure.
  • It’s important to realize your sense of humor isn’t universal.
  • Create a legacy for the future
  • You shouldn’t misrepresent yourself
  • Get to know each platform’s best practices
  • Content should not be offensive

In professional life, it is very important to represent yourself in such a professional way. 

What is social networking?

A social networking site is a platform for communicating with others. Online communities allow users to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content. Establishing and maintaining personal and business relationships online is social networking.

Social networking is useful for search job opportunities

Our professional lives are impacted by social networking on a daily basis, and as its presence continues to grow, professionals need to understand how it can impact their job search. Professionals need to build strong profiles and use social media sites correctly when recruiting through social media. 

Additionally, getting recommendations and endorsements from previous employers or colleagues can enhance your value to potential employers by allowing them to see what others think of your abilities.

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Social media negatively impacts social propriety in the following ways:
How to use social media properly

Depression – Social media allows you to see the best parts of other people’s lives, which you then compare to the negative things on your own. Making comparisons to other people leads to anxiety and unhappiness, and social media has made it much easier for this to happen.

Cyberbullying – Children are not the only ones who are affected by cyberbullying. Adults can also be harmed by online abuse. You may not even realize you are being a jerk on social media or other websites because screens hide our faces.

FOMO (Fear of missing out) – Basically, FOMO is feeling anxious about missing out on other people’s positive experiences. For example, check your messages all day to see if anyone has invited you out, or look at your Instagram feed to make sure nobody is doing anything cool without you. That’s what causes FOMO.

Unrealistic Expectations – Using Snapchat, people share their exciting adventures, post about how much they adore their significant others on Facebook, and stage heavily staged Instagram photos.

In reality, you have no way of knowing whether this is all a joke. On the surface, it looks great, but the person could be in massive debt, on bad terms with their significant other, and just desperate for Instagram likes as validation.

Social media has its advantages and disadvantages as well. Although some of the negative effects of social media have been discussed, only you can determine whether it is more beneficial for you personally.

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Divya Arora is News Analyst and Author at Empire Weekly, India. She is pursuing BA in Journalism and Mass communication from Manav Rachna International University.

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