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Human Behavior Psychology

We all know what we like and prefer but how?? Why you like tea over coffee or reading over journaling? We all answer it as our natural behavior or this is what we are. But I would say this is what human behavior psychology is.

Human Behavior Psychology
Photo by Milad Fakurian on Unsplash

Everything we do, think, and feel involves the series of questions arising in our minds like why, how. Our preferences and instant reactions to various things show how our brain works and while understanding the working of the brain, we come across one particular question- why we do the things like we do? To answer this question, here comes psychology.

What is human behavior psychology?

Human Behavior Psychology
Photo by Dyana Wing So on Unsplash

Psychology can be best stated as the science of human behavior. Why do some days are a blessing but others feel like a curse? Why sometimes we say present matters the most though we are mourning over the past? These are the questions which psychology answers through analyzing human behavior.

Human behavior cannot be a definite term, it is how persons act and carry themselves in different ways. It varies from emotional to mental states, from attitudes to moods, from actions to reactions, from religion to science, from communication to cooperation and from environment to culture. Human behavior is a complicated process which can as many shapes as it wants depending on the circumstances and changed environment. 

Role of human behavior in psychology

Human Behavior Psychology
Photo by Jason Strull on Unsplash

Human behavior plays a very complex role in the psychology because how a person would act is affected by many internal and external factors as mentioned above. Our brains help us interpret the environment, recognize everyone and everything, learn new knowledge, and ironically, we really don’t know how much of our brains work. However, advancements in neuroscience and neuropsychology have shown significant results in explaining the impact our minds have on our daily tasks. This is where Psychologyplays an important role in understanding the human behaviour.

Rising importance of human behaviour psychology

Human Behavior Psychology
Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Human behavior understanding is a trendy topic, everyone try to understand themselves or each other at some point of time in a day. Psychologists, behaviorists and psychoanalysts have observed the increasing need of human behavior studies. With rapid advancement in technologies, modernization, altered environment conditions, human behavior is changing shapes.

People are becoming more prone to their surroundings and external affairs which adversely affect their peace of mind and stable state. Our brain is like a basketball court which has corners for every emotion we feel with respective baskets, and we have only one ball. This ball can be in our control or in the control of other factors. When we lose the grip of this ball, then instead of focusing on one corner, this ball wanders and hovers around hitting every basket of emotions we don’t even intend to feel. This change in human behavior is critical to be analyzed and taken care of. We can’t let the ball be in our court and yet not in our control.


Therefore, I would conclude the human behavior is the main aspect forming our actions and thus it should be in our control. And human behavior psychology helps us in tightening the grip of the ball of our emotions and maintain our peace of mind.

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