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Exclusive Interview

Interview with Aanchal Munjal

Interview with Aanchal Munjal

Aanchal Munjal is a talented actress in the Indian film and television industry. She has appeared in numerous films and television shows throughout her career. In this interview, she discusses her journey as an actress, her inspiration, and her approach to acting.

When asked about how she got started in acting, Aanchal explains that she has been acting since her childhood and that it has always been a dream of hers. She went on to say that destiny had brought her to Mumbai to pursue her dream, and she hasn’t looked back since.

Interview with Aanchal Munjal
Photo credit: Instagram

Aanchal then talks about what drew her to a particular role, stating that her inspiration is Sushmita Sen. She also explains her process for preparing for a role, saying that she works closely with the director to understand their vision for the script and how to bring the character to life.

When asked about her most challenging role to date, Aanchal states that she feels like she hasn’t yet played a super challenging role, but that her character in “We Are Family” was deeply loved due to the emotional variations she had to show as a teenager. Munjal also mentions some of her acting idols, mentioning Priyanka Chopra for her confidence, Kareena Kapoor for her self-love, and the list goes on as she wants to learn from everyone.

Interview with Aanchal Munjal
Photo credit: Instagram

Aanchal also talks about balancing her personal and professional life and how she spends her free time. She also shares that she stays motivated and focused on her career by being passionate about it. When asked about her future aspirations for her acting career, Munjal says that she wants the world to know and love her and to see her in all kinds of avatars.

In addition, Aanchal Munjal also talks about how she handles criticism, the pressure of being in the entertainment industry, and how she chooses the projects she works on. She also mentions that the industry has changed for the better since she first started acting and that she sets herself apart by not comparing herself to others.

Interview with Aanchal Munjal
Photo credit: Instagram

Finally, Aanchal mentions her proudest acting moment so far: working with Amitabh Bachchan and receiving his compliments and blessings. She also mentions several upcoming projects in the pipeline that she will soon be sharing with everyone. She concludes by expressing her gratitude for all the love she has received and her love for her fans.

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