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Exclusive Interview

Interview with Aisha Mahdi

Mahdi began with a fashion blog in 2017 and now has over 800,000 Instagram followers.

Interview with Aisha Mahdi
Photo credit: @styleetvogue

Aisha Mahdi has carefully curated her Instagram feed to highlight her fashion-forward aesthetic. Biba and Pantaloons are seated next to Dior and Gucci. Mahdi began with a fashion blog in 2017 and now has over 800,000 Instagram followers. She creates amazing content by combining her love of travel with her knowledge of fashion.

For how long have you been in this industry and if you want to describe your journey in a line or two what would you say?

My official fashion blog launched in 2017, but I was interested in fashion long before that. This journey has been incredible as well as educational. I’ve come a long way since I started my blog. From a few followers to over 800,000, it was a journey full of memories, learnings, and small victories. I learned as I grew and will continue to do so.

What differentiates you or makes you different from other digital creators?

My content reflects my style and the essence of my Bengali culture. Along with traditional outfits, I believe in style and comfort. If you look at my Instagram account, you will notice a mix of traditional and modern content.

Interview with Aisha Mahdi
Photo credit: @styleetvogue

My content can help audiences of various demographics learn and develop their own style. I enjoy wearing traditional attire, particularly sarees. My content and connection with my audience are beneficial. I believe that the more natural and easygoing my content is, the more people I connect with.

What advice would you give to a young girl to help her wardrobe look as stylish as yours? Or Wardrobe essentials that you believe every girl should have?

I believe that every girl should have a pair of clothes in her closet that is versatile and allow her to experiment. Some basics, such as solid colour t-shirts, can be styled in a variety of ways by mismatching with different bottoms. They can even be worn with a lehenga or saree to achieve an Indo-western look. For traditional, I believe a saree is required for various styles. These items are appropriate for any occasion, whether formal or informal, a gathering of friends or a gathering of family.

What is your favourite place to visit, and do you prefer to travel alone or in groups?

I enjoy discovering new places both in India and abroad. I’ve travelled to many countries, but India will always be my favourite. Traveling is like therapy for me; I enjoy travelling alone as well as with friends and family.

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Interview with Aisha Mahdi
Photo credit: @styleetvogue

It is dependent on my mood. I like to travel alone when I want to explore myself and live with my own company. You may want to spend time with your friends at times. But I prefer to travel alone because it gives me more flexibility and freedom.

Which do you prefer: Indian brands or luxury international brands?

I enjoy using luxury international brands for cosmetics, perfumes, and other items. I’ve worked with many high-end international brands, including Gucci and Dior. When it comes to fashion, I prefer Indian brands over international ones. Local brands such as Biba, Global Desi, and many others are versatile. Overall, I prefer Indian brands to luxury brands because they are associated with our culture and Indian roots.

What is your all-time favourite brand, and why?

Gucci and Biba are two of my favourite brands. I use a few local brands for my everyday outfits because they are versatile. In fact, because I enjoy styling traditional outfits, brands like global desi or made-in-India are my go-to options. Many Indian brands allow me to combine traditional and modern styles.

What made you choose this industry was it planned or really a coincidence that happened to you?

I’ve always been fascinated by the fashion industry. When I was younger, I used to enjoy watching fashion shows. However, I was initially insecure, but with the help of my family, I found my courage and began my journey of dreams. I am living my dream, but there is still much work to be done. Being named one of Forbes India’s top 100 digital stars was an incredible honour for me. I will continue to pursue my goals and make a name for myself in the industry.

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