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Exclusive Interview

Interview with Moses Nalocca

Meet the peak performance coach helping people find the secret to their success.

Interview with Moses Nalocca

Moses Nalocca is an International speaker, Gold Olympic mindset coach, Corporate Mentor, and Investor.

Tell us about your journey! What led you to this point? 

Wow!! Do we have 38 years to answer? I’m joking. My journey is really interesting and I describe it in my book MORE. I was born two and a half months early so I spent several months in the hospital literally fighting for life. My mom, in her unique simplicity, raised me and my brother with the desire to look up and always aim to thrive, basically not accepting mediocrity.

It wasn’t easy as life is not easy, always ups and downs, and most of the time, down was the standard routine. Yet, there was always hope. Les Brown, one of my “invisible” mentors said that we need to fall on our backs so we can keep our heads up and always rise from any situation.

Looking up means also asking for help, not because you are weak but because you want to go further and faster. What led me to this point was the courage to ask for help from my “invisible” and visible mentors and coaches. I was spending time with my mentors listening to them and attending their events  – people like Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, T. Harv Eker, Tony Robbins, and my coach Rich Waterman, who helped me understand that I was not just a waiter. I’m where I am because I chose to invest in the biggest asset, ME. Myself. People like Andy Harrington gave me tools to craft my story and impact thousands of people. And last but not least, somebody by my side, believing in me and standing for me, my life partner. I’m on a mission to make sure that you live that outstanding life you were created to live.

What has been your most significant achievement? 

Interview with Moses Nalocca

I would like to answer with two great achievements, one which is kind of secret and another which is public. The first one was about my assistant in my team in one of the companies I have abroad. She was trying to conceive a baby with her partner for three years and there was nothing wrong with both of them, they were both young and healthy.

I started to coach her and we realized some areas in her life that were literally an obstacle to her biggest dream. To cut the story short, she had to heal herself emotionally and let go of bitterness and anger towards father. The moment she understood this and took the correct actions, she conceived an amazing boy. This was such an incredible moment.

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The second one was helping my client, Ivet Goranova achieve an Olympic gold medal in Tokyo. When I started to coach her, she was coming from eight months of zero results, and three weeks prior to our first encounter, she had lost the European competition.

Now she had only one chance to get the pass for the Olympics. I do not understand anything about Karate, but I know how the brain works and how we can use it in line with our emotions. We got the ticket for Tokyo, achieving first place. At this point, we had to get ready for the Olympic games and we only had one month.

We worked every day, it was exhausting and the reward came on the 5th of August with the first-ever Gold medal in Karate in the Olympic games and the first Olympic Gold for Bulgaria in 13 years. I’m so proud of her and her dream come true.

What’s the biggest result you help your clients to achieve? 

I would say awareness. As a peak performance coach, I do not tell you what to do, I help you see those blank spots that you alone may not see because you are in the picture. Once you are aware, you can take the correct actions.

The moment you are aware you can make a choice and as Tony Robbins, my mentor, says: “It is in the moments of your decision that your destiny is shaped.” One of the most important things my clients achieve is clarity of their new identity, the power of “I am…” Once you step into your true identity, you are in the zone of genius, you are in your peak performance.

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What would be your most significant piece of advice for readers who want to achieve the same? 

Interview with Moses Nalocca

Be open and say yes to life. Most of the time, we look at our life from the rear mirror. You may not be sure of where you are going but if you can see the next step, just do it. You do not need to know what the complete route is, you just need to take one step. And this step may be open.

What are the biggest mistakes you see people make and how can they be avoided? 

  • Overestimate what can happen in a month and underestimate the progress that could be achieved in a year or five years. When I work with my clients, I tell them it is a journey – there is no magic pill or fast food formula.
  • Try to figure it out alone. This will cost you time and money. If you ask for help, you can avoid repeating the typical mistakes somebody else has done.
  • Ego. I thought asking for help and support was a symptom of weakness, so for years, I did not turn on my emergency lights. The universe was providing help and support and I was too stubborn to notice it.

How do you plan on further growing your business? 

Interview with Moses Nalocca

With my team, we are creating a set of memberships that will allow me to work with more people and allow my services to be more accessible. This will free me up with plenty of time to continue to create and add value to the greater good.

Where can the readers find you?

They can find me on my website, and actually, I have a gift for you when you land on it, it is a video course on “Why do we do what we do”

Also, you can find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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Ujwal Sharma is an award-winning entrepreneur, investor, and digital marketer. As a Digital Marketing Specialist, he has assisted several Indian and foreign firms in growing their online presence. He is the Founder and CEO of Uzi World Digital, one of India's fastest-growing Digital Marketing Solutions firms, and Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Empire Weekly.

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