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Interview with Rajeev Dhawan

Interview with Rajeev Dhawan

Mr. Rajeev Dhawan is a seasoned professional with more than 35 years of work experience in gallery operations, exhibition handling, logistics/shipping, administration, accounts, and system analysis. He has led the operations of art galleries for events like art exhibitions, art fairs, and installations and oversaw the administration and accounting for these events. 

What were your non-negotiable business values when you started?

Right from my childhood, I built a strong belief in the value of hard work. I started my career journey with the notion that success comes before work only in the dictionary, something that has stayed with me even 35 years later.  

Additionally, I believe patience and perseverance are eventually rewarded with performance. I am proud to always have upheld my life values and principles in whatever I do and always chose the right over the easy. These for me are non-negotiable values not just professionally but in the journey of life.

Looking back over the last two years, what have been the proudest moments on your journey?

When I look back, my 1.5 years journey at BVC Brinks has been extremely fulfilling, robust, and multifaceted. The proudest moment for me has been the continuous trust and support I am getting every day from my clients. This encourages me each day to continue performing my best and making BVC-Brinks Fine Art services grow exponentially and reach unprecedented heights.

What makes your business/ you stand out from your competitors? 

Having a career span of over 30 years in the Fine Art industry, I believe the key to sustaining and being different from the competitors is to keep evolving and growing since the measure of success is the ability to change.  Additionally, adapting to the needs of the client, understanding the client’s requirements with in-depth knowledge of the product, and building everlasting relationships with them are what make one stand out.

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Abiding by this perspective, I lead the BVC Brinks Fine Art team, and we are proud to have become the most trusted and reliable company in a short span of time and stood out from our competitors.

How has the industry as a whole changed since you first launched your career in Fine Arts?

Interview with Rajeev Dhawan

I started working in the Fine Art industry in the year 1997. The market landscape during that time was based on the masters such as M.F. Hussain, S.H. Raza, F.N. Souza, and so on.  

It has tremendously evolved in the last 30 years, with an exponential increase in the participation of contemporary artists and new-blood emerging artists. 

The storytelling and curation styles have changed. New forms of art other than paintings such as sculptures, installations, and photographic art in various mediums have been adapted by the artists and welcomed by art lovers and collectors.

Moreover, Indian collectors and corporates have started exploring the international art market and international artists.

What tips would you provide to budding entrepreneurs in the Fine Arts Business?

I would advise budding Fine Art entrepreneurs to first understand the industry and market fundamentally to grasp business dynamics and implement business strategies accordingly.

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Don’t be afraid to venture into new territories, since good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment. Client relationships are the key to sustenance, so focus on creating bonds more than creating bills.

What goals and objectives do you have for  Fine Arts Business?

I want the fine art industry to develop and grow, not just in the specialized market but also in every household. Whether they enjoy fashion, photography, or the outdoors, everyone has an artistic side to them. Fine art can be interpreted and appreciated in a variety of ways, and it has the capacity to address every area of life. As a result, I picture the fine art market as a home need or want.

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