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Exclusive Interview

Interview with Skylar McKeith

“Helping people is what motivates me; I gravitated towards a career in immigration law.”

Interview with Skylar McKeith

Skylar McKeith left behind a promising career in the arts to work in immigration law and wants to champion women breaking the glass ceiling in the workplace…

Skylar McKeith turned her back on a promising career in music and the arts to become an immigration lawyer. Skylar, who is Head of Immigration for London law firm, Mackrell Solicitors, said:

“My passion for immigration law is rooted in my family’s own immigration story. My father is from the U.S., and his grandparents on both sides moved from Ukraine to the U.S. in the early 1900s”.

Skylar, who sang for the Royal Family of Monaco in Monte Carlo aged 17 and attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, is now an expert on corporate business, entertainment & creative industry immigration. 

She joined Mackrell Solicitors in 2019. The firm has a long history of assisting both companies and individuals with their immigration requirements. The UK is a popular location to do business & live for a range of reasons, including starting a business, to work, to study or joining family members. Skylar recommends the right legal advice at early stages to significantly contribute to successful visa applications. Providing services and support that are tailored to her clients’ needs is at the heart of Skylar’s work.


Skylar’s unique ability to break down hot topics and get straight to the heart of complex issues has also made her a go-to commentator for national media. She has worked with media, including ITV, G.B. News, TalkRadio and OK! Magazine and has been a frequent guest on the Fox network (US). Skylar’s valuable insight has also been featured in media, including the American In Britain, Expatriate’s Guide to the UK, Legal Cheek, and Legally Speaking Podcast. Skylar was a speaker at the San Antonio Bar Association International Law Webinar in 2021 and 2022.

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“Arts may not seem like they work hand in hand with law, but I bring something unique to the job…”

Skylar believes her artistic background has proved to be a useful asset in her law career:

 “Sometimes there is no clear rubric for particular client work, so at times it is necessary to be creative to be able to achieve the end goalMy creativity adds a unique perspective to the way I handle the law. I relish a challenge; when I set my mind on something, I go out and achieve it.”

Helping people achieve their goals…

Skylar’s role covers Corporate & private immigration, Company Sponsor License Applications, Company Skilled Worker Visa, Global Talent Visa, Creative Worker Visa, Global Mobility Route including U.K. Expansion Visa, Senior/Specialist Worker Visa, Start-up Visa and Innovator Visa.

Her diverse clients come from word of mouth, networking or from cross-referrals from other law departments within Mackrell Solicitors.

Rewarding work…

One of Skylar’s biggest achievements has been working with a successful international painter who needed to attend his art residency in the U.K. Before he connected with Skylar, he had always been denied visas for the U.K. and the U.S. He had never been able to attend an art residency outside of his native country. 

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Skylar says: “I worked tirelessly on his application, and ultimately his visa for the U.K. was approved; I was delighted. It is incredibly rewarding knowing that my work is supporting people to handle a highly complex system to achieve major personal and professional goals.”” 

Supporting others…

Supporting others continues to drive Skylar McKeith; when she has spare time available, she teaches postgraduate students on the Legal Practice Course. During her law studies, she undertook pro-bono work at the Camden Community Law Centre. She also worked as a volunteer lawyer for Project Ukraine, providing a service to connect Ukrainian citizens with free immigration legal advice. She shares, “Knowing I am helping people is what keeps me motivated”.

The key to success?

“Take the time to enjoy your career journey & remember there can be many paths to an end goal. Turn difficulty into opportunity. Networking is essential and a key ingredient to achieving goals. Work hard, but do not neglect your wellbeing & your personal life; ensure you take time to recharge & do things you love outside of work.”

Empowering women to excel in the workplace…

Skylar successfully juggles her career and life as a wife and new Mum, remaining laser-focused on helping her clients: “I welcome the new flexibility in the workplace post-Covid; hybrid working becoming more commonplace is beneficial”.

Interview with Skylar McKeith

Skylar is also in the process of developing an exciting new podcast that champions women breaking the glass ceiling in the workplace:

“I continue to push myself and develop, it’s important for me to support other professional women, to stand in our power and inspire one another. With my new podcast – I look forward to celebrating that.”

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