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Exclusive Interview

Interview with Sudeshna Biswas

Interview with Sudeshna Biswas

Sudeshna is a beauty, lifestyle, and fashion influencer with 560K followers on Instagram, 319K followers on Facebook, and over 256K subscribers on YouTube.

Please tell us about yourself

Hello, my name is Sudeshna Biswas, and I’m from Kolkata. I’m a beauty, lifestyle, and fashion Influencer.

When did your journey as a content creator begin?

When I used to create content, there was no such thing as a “content creator.” At the time, very few people were creating content. I made content based on my love and passion for makeup and fashion. Later it was known as “Content Creator.”

I’ve been doing this for 7 years, but my official YouTube channel only recently launched. I’ve been doing Instagram for global audiences since 2015, and I also have a Facebook page dedicated to my lovely Bengali audience because I’m from Bengal.

So I used to create content based on my own knowledge, love, and passion. Later, I discovered that this type of content can lead to a bright and prosperous career, so I decided to become a Content Creator. So it just happened naturally, and now I have over 100 million views on social media.

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As a top content creator, what are the challenges you’ve faced to get to that position?

First and foremost, I’d like to state that it was extremely difficult, particularly at the start. My academic background was strong, but because I come from a middle-class family, it was difficult for me to choose this path. My family did not initially support me because it was difficult to accept this path at the time.

Interview with Sudeshna Biswas

Aside from that, when I first began creating content, I didn’t have a camera, which is one of the most important tools in the beauty industry. There were few suitable locations for filming, no tripod, and no proper lighting, so the videos were shot in the sunlight, and no proper background was available.

So, at first, I had to deal with these inconveniences. And I’m here right now. The journey was anything but easy. Actually, this profession is extremely difficult and competitive, making it difficult to survive.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion means Elegance and comfort. One must look comfortable and elegant as well.

Why are you interested in fashion?

“I’ve always been interested in fashion. The reason for this is that this fashion can alter someone’s personality. The way someone looks can give you an idea of their vibe. As a result, fashion is essential for all of us “.

How would you assess the effectiveness of your content marketing? Can you give some examples of good content that you’ve used?

I believe that in this content creation journey, self-satisfaction is more important than numbers for me. So, when I create content and people enjoy it, I am the only one who can assess its performance. Even though numbers are important, I prefer to build a strong community.

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Interview with Sudeshna Biswas

I’ve worked with over 500 brands to date, some of which are international. Loreal Group, Lakme, Sunsilk, Fossils, Daniel Wellington, and many more are examples of good content that I have implemented.

Any motivational line or statement for your fans and readers

I believe that the term “motivation” is overused and that people should have a better understanding of it. It’s like emotion, and mastering emotions is a difficult task unless you’ve meditated for decades.

Interview with Sudeshna Biswas

Instead of focusing on motivation, one should concentrate on having a crazy goal/idea and having enough will-power and discipline in life to achieve it.

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Soumyajit Dutta is a Cricket News Analyst and Author at Empire Weekly.

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