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Is the adult diaper industry worth Billions?

The industry is becoming more vital as the older generation emerges from their shells.

Is The Adult Diaper Industry Worth Billions?
Photo by Egor Myznik

The adult diaper industry is growing at a rapid speed. The industry is more relevant as the older generation finally comes out of their shells. Until now, it is overlooked but now the adult diaper industry is more trending than the babies diaper industry.

Recent estimates put the value of the adult diaper industry at US$ 15.4 billion by 2020! Whoa!

But is the adult diaper industry really worth billions?

Adults feel more conscious than ever. In cases of urinary infections, diarrhea, or handicap situations, they can be conscious. Adult diaper, also known as adult nappy, is a type of underwear that doesn’t require toilet use.

It’s all about the materials it seems

Adults use soft materials which are comfortable for them in the end. Like baby diapers or menstrual pads, the adult diaper is very skin-friendly and safe.

The skin-friendly formula makes it an instant hit!

Yes, it is true. Nappies for adults are designed with skin sensitivity in mind. The heaviest waste is absorbed by the polypropylene inner lining. The polyethylene outer lining takes care of over soiling.

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The underwear is skin-friendly when it comes in contact with older sensitive skin. The adults use the diapers to feel more secure when they can’t use the toilet.

The lining of the adult diaper makes it hygienic

The inner lining is coated with skin-friendly materials like aloe vera and vitamin E, both of which give nourishment and condition the skin is safest. This way, skin infections, and irritations are avoidable and can be prevented.

An adult diaper is great for immobile individuals

Older adults have mobility impairments, have bladder issues, are bedridden, or are hospitalized. They need the use of the adult diaper most.
Think about it – As the average living age increases, the adult diaper industry is also flourishing.

With an older population, absorbent pads and soft liners will be required more. Across the U.S. alone, the adult diaper industry has a market value of more than $9 billion!

Is The Adult Diaper Industry Worth Billions?
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The adult diaper industry is active now. With thin diapers, the adults are ignoring problems related to the loss of control of their life.

Here’s what makes it a billion-dollar industry now:

  • The adult diaper industry is more about compatibility now.
  • The adult nappy brands manufacture softer and more hygienic products.
  • As urinary infections rise, the adult diaper sees an increase in demand.
  • An older adult looks for products that can hold more liquid, and these nappies do the job perfectly.
  • Variety, availability, and cost all contribute to the high demand of this market.
  • Due to technology advancements, an adult diaper is as popular as baby diaper.
  • The adult diaper is skin-friendly, odor-controlling, and has natural ingredients.
  • There’s two types of adult diaper – the flat type one and the pant type one, depending on the indivisual’s needs.
  • It is so much more convenient to wear inside the main underwear.
  • It prevents soiling, leaks, and excess waste.

    Despite not being easily available in the global market yet, the adult diaper industry is growing faster than anything. Let’s watch this space for more. 
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