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Jayeshbhai Jordaar movie review: Ranveer Singh is back with his fun comedy-drama

After a long wait, Jayeshbhai Jordaar is out in the cinemas today and Ranveer Singh’s character is all hands in for family fun!

Jayeshbhai Jordaar movie review: Ranveer Singh is back with his fun comedy-drama

Jayeshbhai Jordaar is a comedy-drama directed by the budding director and writer Divyang Thakkar and produced by Yash Raj Films.

The film has been released today and has generated a lot of buzz among the fans and excitement to watch the movie. Ranveer’s performance as always has brought a high level of dopamine, keeping the film intact with the fun element. 

Let’s know more about the cast, story, and review of the film!


Divyang Thakkar’s directed film Jayeshbhai Jordaar stars Ranveer Singh as Jayesh Bhai Patel being the lead actor, Shalini Pandey as Mudra Patel, Jayesh’s wife, and Jia Vaidya as Nisha Patel as, the daughter of Jayesh and Mudra. It also features Boman Irani as Ramlal Patel, father of Jayesh, and Ratna Pathak Shah as Anuradha Patel, mother of Jayesh.  


JayeshBhai Jordaar is a movie based on the family drama of Jayeshbhai Patel. It focuses on the internal family issues of the Gujrati family. The main concept of the film lies in the patriarchal problems and male dominancy in society.

The orthodox thinking of not accepting a girl child is the prime area of the movie. The becoming parents of Jayesh and Mudra’s story revolved around if their newborn will be welcomed in society or not. 

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The movie is set in old-fashioned criteria where a boy child is celebrated and a girl child is neglected. In the family of Patels, this thought is at its core.

Jayesh and Mudra are soon to be expecting parents, but the main concern here lands in the sex of the baby. Jayesh is dominated by his parents Ramlal and Anuradha, for whom a male heir is of utmost importance. 

Jayeshbhai Jordaar Official Trailer

In the flashback of Jayesh and Mudra’s parenthood, their firstborn was a daughter, which was upsetting for Jayesh’s parents. So they went ahead with it in the hope that their next pregnancy will result in a boy child. However, after 5 failed pregnancies which were treated as miscarriages, this sixth one was a strand of faith Jayesh’s parents were hopped on.

Thus, being pressured by his parents, both Jayesh and Mudra are forced to take a sex identity test for the baby, a practice that is considered illegal and unethical in India. 

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Due to this backward thinking of society, Jayesh and Mudra struggle to protect their unborn girl child from the people who want her killed. This is where Jayeshbhai Jordaar rises and takes a stand for his coming newborn.

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He turns into a big-time hero not only for the cause but also for his daughter Nisha, making everybody aware that this is not their concern to meddle in. 


Jayeshbhai Jordaar movie review: Ranveer Singh is back with his fun comedy-drama

JayeshBhai Jordaar is a hit in terms of bringing up serious issues of female infanticide and gender biases. However, with all the great screen performances given by the actors, the script falls rather quite behind.

There is some lack of execution and poor delivery of dialogues. The humor element is good in some scenes, but the blend of humor under pressing situations does not fit well.

Nonetheless, Jayeshbhai Jordaar is a movie one should surely watch due to its different genres and theme. 

Jayeshbhai Jordaar is out in the theatres now!

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