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KGF 2 Movie Review

A whistle worthy film Sequel that is worth the hype because it takes you on a thunderous journey, giving the audience several eye-popping moments and doesn’t let us take our eyes off the screen.

KGF 2 Movie Review

KGF Chapter 1 changed the perspective and view of Kannada films amongst the audiences and after that people were craving more unique Kannada films. And the KGF chapter 2 was the most awaited film because of the amazing performance given by the entire people involved in 1st film.

Yash’s stunning performance in KGF 1 gained him humongous fans. After 3 and a half years of wait, KGF Chapter 2 has come out splendidly and more than what the audience had expected it to be. It’s magnificent, impressive, and immense. The Sequel is worth the hype after all. 

KGF 2 Movie Review

The main point of the film is that it doesn’t matter how long you will be alive but one shouldn’t live a life of slavery. This film brings in the thoughts of Dr. Ambedkar and highlights his saying – “Life should be great not long”(self-liberation) and maybe this is the reason why KGF chapter 2 was released on 14th April (Ambredkar’s birthday). 

With this peaceful thought, the movie is mainly action-packed (more brutal and violent), with stunning cinematography, diligent actors, and actresses who perfectly balance the idea of the movie which is why the movie became a grand success in the Indian film industry and also broke some prestigious records of RRR that it made in terms of advance booking. 

And the film was set to break the box of the collection of Rjamouli’s films which it did and left Bhahubali 2 behind. Not just the Indian films but KGF chapter 2 has defeated The avengers: End game.  

Let’s look into the fantastic cast & story, review, and box office collection of the KGF Chapter 2.

Cast & Story Of KGF Chapter 2 
KGF 2 Movie Review

Story- The Blood soaked land of KGF (Kolar Gold Fields) is taken over by Rocky (Yash) where he creates his massive and impressive empire. But the plan doesn’t go as planned and gets interrupted by Garuda’s brother Adheera (Sanjay Dutt) who has come up with a massive plan which doesn’t look good for Rocky.

Because of circumstances, Rocky is forced to leave KGF but he manages to fight back with the monstrous Adheera and the Prime minister (Rveena Tundon) who thinks of him as a threat to the law.

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And despite these darkened days, Rocky is stable, his purpose is unbreakable and he is driven because of the women in his life- his mother and his girlfriend (Shreenidhi Shetty). He continues his conquest for unchallenged supremacy and amid the warlike state forms the crux of the narrative. 

Cast- KGF Chapter 2 is written and directed by Prashanth Neel who stood up to the expectation of the fans. Produced by Vijay Kirgundar under the banner of Hombale films. India’s most exceptional and diligent actors and actresses like the dashing Yash (Rocky Bhai), Sanjay Dutt, Raveena Tandon, and Prakash Raj poured their hearts out and sprinkled their acting skills perfectly throughout this explosive and action sequel film.

The splendid and luxurious screen scenes throughout the film that we see were because of the talented cinematographer Bhavan Gowda. Eye-popping editing by Ujawal Kulkarni and shockingly heart racing and pleasing (a perfect bliss) music by Ravi Basrur. 

The film wouldn’t have broken records if the entire cast and crew’s minds weren’t synced and giving their best making it a megahit of the year 2022.  

Review Of KGF chapter 2 
KGF 2 Movie Review

The trailer starts perfectly from where it was left which made it easier for the audience to get back on the unfinished journey. We see Vijayendra Ilgalgi (Prakash Raj) continuing the narrative of EL Dorado from which Anand Iglali (Anant Nag) had left. 

In the first part, we see the intentions of Rocky Bhai Aka Raja Krishnappa Bairya which takes on a slower pace to build the story. In the second part, the film starts to take up more speed and the movie takes the audience on a peek.

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We get introduced to new characters and the darker gets darkest. We see Rocky winning the hearts of the KGF people and creating an empire but the enemies soon enter his place and Rocky encounters Adheera who wants KGF back.

Alongside Rocky has to fight with the Indian prime minister too who thinks of him as a threat and wants him taken down.

The movie is rich with actions and battles which play a larger part in the movie. Rocky’s emotional side is also perfectly shown, which gave the audience a chance to connect and understand his purpose (which revolves around his mother and girlfriend).

The most magical scene on the screen is the introduction to Adheera. Prakash Raj adds his skillful talent and makes the narrative so good that it grabs the attention of the audience and keeps it steady till the end.  

KGF Chapter 2 is winning hearts because it perfectly balances the heavy actions and stunts, dialogues with emotional narrative. Despite a few shortcomings, the film is audacious and takes us on a journey that’s worth experiencing & watching.

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Spoiler: Don’t forget to watch till the end because there’s a hint of chapter 3 in the end credits which will be a satisfactory and thrilling ending for the film.    

Box Office Collection Of KGF 2 In The Last 3 Days
KGF 2 Movie Review

In just three days KGF chapter 2 has earned Rs 332 Crores making the sequel film to be the third biggest movie after RRR which earned 343.40 crores and Baahubali which made 357.90 crores. 

On the first day of its release, the 14th of April on Thursday the film made 128.50 crores, on Friday it made 106.50 crores, and on Saturday it made 97 crores. The movie is said to earn more crores in the upcoming days which will break some historical records made in the past.          

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