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Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes Leon Releases Her New Single

Lourdes Leon enters the music industry with her debut single ‘’Lock&Key.’’ Looks like we have got another princess of pop in the industry.

Madonna's Daughter Lourdes Leon Releases Her New Single
Image Credits: Independent UK

Lourdes ‘’Lola’’ Leon was born on 9 October 1996 in California, Los Angeles to pop musician Madonna and actor Carlos Leon. She is the eldest of Madonna’s six children and entered the entertainment industry as a model. In June 2022, Lourdes Leon walked down the runway at Paris Fashion Week in the Marine Serre show, modelling the brand’s well-known crescent moon bodysuit. She has also worked with other big names such as Burberry, & Savage X Fenty.

Lock & Key marks Leon’s first venture as a solo artist. The 25-year-old model has also worked with her mother on the 2012 song “Superstar,” from Madonna’s Madame X tour in 2019.

Leon launched her first song as a solo artist on Wednesday (24 August) with a video of her performing in a funeral hearse, a graveyard, and even on the shores. The lo-fi clubby track is released under the Chemical X Label, run by Eartheater ( Alexandar Drewchin ). Leon’s stage name is moniker Lohalol. Eartheater directs the video for the song along with Samuel Burgess & Hara Kiri. Leon’s family and friends were the first to share the news and song all over social media platforms.

“Why can’t I just lock into a Polly Pocket? It could all be crystal clear. Keep a photo of you in my locket,” Leon sings on the track.

Madonna's Daughter Lourdes Leon Releases Her New Single
Image Credits: Vanity Fair

“Addicted to the comfort, yeah, yeah, Till the comforter gets too hot, too hot, too hot to sleep…I’m tossing and tearing, yeah, yeah.”

Choreographed by Leon and set in New York City, Lock&Key is inspired by the very queen of pop Lady Gaga. As can be heard in the song, Leon sings “No sleep, next plane, no sleep, no sleep, makeup, next club, next car, next plane, no sleep, no fear”. Which is a clear reference to an interview Gaga gave for Fuse in 2011, when she was asked about the difference between creating her first album and her next highly anticipated album Born This Way. Madonna took her joy to Instagram and shared her daughter’s debut on her story, captioning it: “I am so proud of you Lola”.

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This is also a major shift of tune in terms of her career aspects. Last year in a conversation with Debi Mazar for an Interview, Leon shared she can sing but she can’t care much about it, maybe it’s too close to home and unlike her mother, she has no specific goals and wants to wing things as they come.

Madonna's Daughter Lourdes Leon Releases Her New Single
Image Credits: Intouchweekly

Dancing down the beach, cruising on a highway, and vibing in a graveyard are truly iconic themes. The choice of reference and theme is fascinating. The fact that she didn’t just pick a single to sing, but also wrote the lyrics with the help of Eartheater proves she made the right decision in entering the music world. Leon’s artistic direction sounds like a hit balance for melody and electric pop. The whole song is like a sensational trip to another world. Leon has shown that new challenges don’t scare her and she is ready to dive and go all in.

Source:, Billboard and Usatoday

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