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Marvel vs DC Comics

Marvel or DC, there is a popularity for both books all over the world, but which one prevails in the battle of Marvel vs DC?

Marvel Vs DC Comics
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Marvel or DC, there is one of a fanbase of both the comics spread across the globe, but which one wins in between Marvel Vs DC. it is not known but let us find out a bit of information on both the comics.


It is an American company which was founded on 2nd June 1998. Marvel comics is a brand that comes under Marvel worldwide which includes former Marvel publish and includes Marvel comics group. This comes under Marvel worldwide as it is the parent company.


Marvel Vs DC Comics
Marvel includes many superheroes to save and enter the world where deadly villains exist their comics are interesting and they are as follows –
  1. Spiderman
  2. Ironman 
  3. Ant-man 
  4. Wasp
  5. Captain America
  6. Hulk
  7. Wolverine
  8. Black Panther
  9. Hawkeye
  10. Captain marvel
  11. Doctor strange
  12. Black widow
  13. Scarlet Witch
  14. Quicksilver
  15. She-hulk
  16. The vision
  17. Falcon
  18. Winter soldier
  19. Ghost rider
  20. Blade
  21. Daredevil
  22. Luke Cage
  23. Iron fist
  24. Ms. marvel 
  25. Miles morale
  26. Punisher
  27. Shang-chi
  28. Deadpool
  29. X-Men
  30. Fantastic four
  31. Guardians of the galaxy 


Marvel Vs DC Comics
If we are talking about the superheroes then how can we leave the villains let’s look at a list of villains –
  1. Doctor Doom
  2. Magneto
  3. Thanos
  4. Loki
  5. Green goblin
  6. Kingpin
  7. Red skull
  8. Ultron
  9. Mandarin
  10. MODOK
  11. Doctor octopus
  12. Kang
  13. Dormammu
  14. Venom
  15. Galactus

With so many villains and superheroes included every movie of marvel becomes so interesting and grasping that nobody wishes to leave it unfinished when start watching. 


It is also an American publisher which is under the flagship of DC entertainment, with its parent company being Warner Bros. the majority of the comics are science-fictional with a heavy dose of scientific-technological inventions and machines. 

Even DC comics were not a step behind when it comes to sci-fi superheroes. 

Here is a list of few of superheroes in the DC comics
Marvel Vs DC Comics
  1. Flash
  2. Arrow
  3. A.T.O.M
  4. Doomsday
  5. Ares
  6. Zeus
  7. Wonder woman
  8. Dru-zod
  9. Cyborg
  10. Billy batson
DC production has made so many series on the basis of their comics which are listed below
  1. Arrow
  2. Flash
  3. Supergirl
  4. DC Legends Of Tomorrow
  5. Green Arrow and the canaries
  6. Titans
  7. Batwoman
  8. Stargirl
  9. Lucifer
  10. Gotham
  11. Stargirl
  12. Superman and lois
  13. Crisis on infinite earths
  14. Constantine 
  15. Pennyworth 

And so more that they could not be accommodated in the list; be it animated series or series made including real-life actors there are so many interesting ones that can make up to your list if you want to binge-watch superhero type series.


Be it Marvel or DC, both the banners have such a collection of interesting comics, movies, series that just make people indulge and involve it in making them getting addicted to it. Whatever these banners produce is so worthy of binge-reading or binge-watching as it is so interesting and plausible due to its unique plot and theme in every story. Hence the decision is still to be decided.   

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