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Mental Health & Art Therapy

“In this world full of boxes you’re a box of crayons colouring your own unique kind of rainbow”.

A trend that is actually healthy for your heart, body, soul and mind that will not all of sudden make your life Rainbowy but will help you embrace, heal and release the scars that are trapped inside of you for years

Mental Health & Art Therapy
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Mental Health & Art Therapy: Even though the world still is facing multiple problems but it is no doubt that the world has gotten better in the mental health area. People all over the world are sharing about their mental health and illnesses which is indeed helping a lot more people to talk about their issues. 

Talking about the elephant in the room that we all have been ignoring. But this illness never seems to go away does it, until we actually sit with it face to face and talk about the cloud of thoughts in our head. But it can be difficult to find a solution by ourselves. This is why people are suggested to go to a therapist. 

Talking and listening can actually heal a lot of problems in one’s life but the issue with it is that talking is not everyone’s cup of tea

Therapy is for everyone but applying one type of solution( talking) or technique to help treat everyone’s issues can cause more problems.

This is why some people think therapy is not for them. 

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Everyone’s Mental health and Illness are unique and the solution to it also needs to be unique enough to help an individual heal. 

Just like finding a good therapist is important finding a therapy that suits you is also important. 

There is a wide range of therapies and one of them is Art therapy which is for everyone but it is especially for people who are struggling to communicate their thoughts through words. It is not just painting or sketching. Art therapy is wider than you think, it cleanses out your soul, those blurry thoughts in your head and heart.    

Let’s take a deep breath and educate ourselves about mental health, mental illnesses, Therapy, how therapy works, what is art therapy, and how it can help you heal and calm your mind and body.  

What Is Mental Health & Illness?
Should You Talk to Your Boss About Your Mental Health?
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People tend to confuse mental health and illness often.

WHO has defined mental health as “The state of well-being in which an individual realizes their abilities, can work productively, cope up with the daily stress of life or that one occurs and make a contribution to the community (focusing on the giving more than receiving). 

Mental health is a foundation of well-being and effective functioning for individuals and society. Mental health is not about diseases but is linked with global health priorities. It should be a priority for every individual, not just one who has a mental disorder or illness. 

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(It is advised to go to therapy more when you’re feeling normal or content in yourself.) 

Mental Illnesses are equally dangerous as heart disease and cancer. These are the mental disorders that are clinically significant conditions. Mood( emotions, feelings) or behavior that are associated with pain and suffering. 

It is also important to understand that not all human distress is a mental disorder.

Social or personal circumstances can cause pain, and distress for a short period but it is not a mental disorder, it’s normal to experience that as a human. (This doesn’t mean that the short-lived pain or distress is unimportant. They especially need to be addressed before it turns into actual disease. Going to a counselor or therapist). 

But if the abnormalities are recurring throughout an individual’s life then it can be categorized as a mental disorder that needs the help of the Spychatrists which is just as normal as visiting a doctor for diabetes.   

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What Is Therapy 
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Therapy involves talking, and expressing our thoughts or feelings to a professional (therapist) who has deep knowledge about them and can help an individual deal with or heal from the uncomfortable thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. Therapists are the experts who understand the art of listening. Therapy is not just healthy for the mind but can help the body as they are interlinked. 

Visiting a therapist regularly even when you have a well-developed mental well-being toolkit can help and benefit an individual in the long term. Because thoughts can creep out of nowhere.  

What Is Art Therapy: Not An Art Class

Art Therapy is a therapeutic technique where an individual expresses their feelings, emotions, and thoughts through art. It is not an Art class, it is to express oneself,  a process to improve an individual’s emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. Even if a person has never touched colors in their life can get benefited from art therapy. Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that treats a wide range of disabilities, difficulties, and diagnoses. And can help to reduce stress, manage one’s emotions, addictions, and impulse behavior,  improve low self-esteem and develop social skills.

The techniques include pottery, photography, scribbling, doodling, painting, collage, family sculpture, and many more. 

Art therapy unlocks an individual’s inner view of the world including feelings, thoughts, or ideas. 

Conclusion: It Will Take Time 

Knowing about one’s mental health is important and visiting a therapist can cause more anxiety at first but it can help heal a lot of issues in a person’s life. But the solution won’t be found immediately. Just like how it takes years to master a skill, it will take a  lot more time to heal from years of pain and trauma that was caused but you slowly will heal as you start focusing on yourself rather than the result. 

The reason why therapists cost higher prices is that they have spent years studying the emotions which are too complex and they have unlocked the art of listening. That is why investing in our mental health is never a waste.

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Swati is into learning the art of all kinds. Her field of interest is painting, sketching, writing, poetry. She's is currently pursuing a degree in visual communication from Madras Christan college (2019-22) and alongside pursuing a diploma in fine Art's from the National Institute of Fine Art (2021-2022) As a kid with dyslexia, she figured her own way out of learning different concepts through art. And she has been writing and refining her knowledge & skills in English which has intrigued her into writing poetry, creative writing, and content writing. She's currently learning to expand her knowledge more in the writing field where she aims to get a deeper understanding of words and their meaning. In the future, she aims to pursue a career in Art therapy, Where she can help, connect and understand people.

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