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Meta and Jio Launch Grocery shopping through WhatsApp in India

American Social Media giant Meta formerly Facebook and Indian tech giant Jio have joined to launch online grocery shopping.

Meta and Jio Launch Grocery shopping through Whatsapp in India

Now we can chat, call, send files, and even pay using Whatsapp. So the only thing left is shopping, well Meta in association with Jio plans to do the same in India. This will be the first global-end-to-end shopping experience on an instant messaging app.

Several days ago WhatsApp after a long of setbacks got an official license to launch its UPI platform which is now available to 100 million users in the country. This is the backbone of the whole service that Jio and Meta are selling.

The launch of this idea was 2 years since then it has been in the trial phase and now as the trials are complete, talks are progressing to launch this service as soon as possible.

The Service of the Future:

Meta and Jio Launch Grocery shopping through Whatsapp in India

Now a lot of you might be wondering how this mega monopoly service will work.

Do you have to open up Whatsapp every time to look at the grocery list whilst in a market?

Then again scan the QR code to pay online.

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Say goodbye to this long procedure as Meta and Jio Mart have launched a service that could potentially follow a stellar entrance and long-time supreme status in the world markets.

In this service, the customers will be having a grocery catalog on their WhatsApp and will be able to order and pay without exiting the platform. Sounds ideal right?

How does this profit, Jio Mart?

Meta and Jio Launch Grocery shopping through Whatsapp in India

The $221 billion Ambai Empire has recently also shared that they will be investing $25 billion to roll out 5G services. A conglomerate like Jio always finds deals to profit from. 

This deal gives Jio a stronghold in the international markets as they are the first to provide this service. 

Secondly pairing up with a company like Meta will ensure future stability for this bright idea and also is one step closer to a digital India and an Ambani Way of Lifestyle.

How does this profit Meta?

Meta over the years has acquired many applications like Instagram and Snapchat still its best-performing asset over the years has been WhatsApp. WhatsApp has shown its status as The King Of Communication with over 2 billion active users and more than 100 million in the Indian Market alone. 

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This deal redefines the bad year of Meta by attracting customers to WhatsApp which has been its strong point for a few years. This deal ensures the prosperity of growth of WhatsApp for the foreseeable future at least till the Metaverse platform kicks off.

How does it profit India?

Meta and Jio Launch Grocery shopping through Whatsapp in India

In recent times India sitting on the 1/5th population of the world has been a market to launch new stuff due to its large, loyal customer base.

With this deal, India’s dream of a Digital Era is becoming true and this deal also contributes to the GDP through JIO. The Indian people also get primary service while chilling at their homes.

Do you think this is a generational idea?

Do let us know in the comments!

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