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Microsoft Launches Free AI Training With Professional Certificate

Microsoft teams up with LinkedIn to offer free AI skills training and certification, addressing the growing demand for AI skills in the workforce.

Microsoft Launches Free AI Training With Professional Certificate

In response to the increasing demand for AI skills in the workforce, Microsoft and LinkedIn have joined forces to provide comprehensive training and certification programs.

The AI Skills Initiative: Empowering Individuals with AI Knowledge

Microsoft is launching the AI Skills Initiative in collaboration with LinkedIn Learning. This initiative aims to equip individuals with the essential knowledge and tools required to leverage AI technology effectively.

Responsible and Ethical AI Usage

While AI has the potential to enhance various aspects of life and work, Microsoft emphasizes the importance of using AI responsibly and ethically. Through the AI Skills Initiative, Microsoft seeks to foster this understanding and prepare individuals for the future of work with AI.

Microsoft’s Free AI Training Course: Gaining Invaluable Skills

As part of the AI Skills Initiative, Microsoft and LinkedIn have developed a new and free coursework on AI. This course provides an introduction to AI concepts, as well as addressing the responsible use of AI. Initially available in English, the course will expand to include other languages in the coming months.

Microsoft Launches Free AI Training With Professional Certificate

By completing the course, participants will receive a professional certificate in generative AI from Microsoft. This certificate can be proudly displayed on their LinkedIn profiles, showcasing their expertise to potential employers.

Extensive Resources and Support

In addition to the coursework, Microsoft offers a trainer toolkit containing AI content specifically designed for educators. This resource enables trainers to effectively teach AI concepts to their students, ensuring the proliferation of AI skills.

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Moreover, Microsoft presents a free AI skills challenge on Microsoft Learn. This challenge leverages Microsoft technology to teach individuals essential AI skills. The coursework and resources associated with the AI Skills Initiative will be accessible for free until 2025, facilitating widespread participation.

Addressing the Urgent Need for AI Skills

Microsoft recognizes the urgency in bridging the AI skills gap. According to the World Economic Forum, AI skills rank as the third-highest priority for company training programs. Furthermore, Microsoft’s research reveals that while 70% of individuals desire AI to handle more of their workload, 49% express concerns about potential job displacement caused by AI.

To address these concerns and empower workers, the AI Skills Initiative aims to equip individuals with the knowledge and experience needed to effectively utilize AI technologies.

Looking Ahead: Microsoft’s Ongoing Commitment

Microsoft’s Skills for Jobs program has already made a significant impact worldwide, enabling millions to embark on new careers in high-demand fields such as cybersecurity.

The AI Skills Initiative represents the next phase of Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to empowering individuals with relevant skills. By fostering innovation and forming strategic partnerships, Microsoft strives to lead the way in shaping the future of AI and the workforce.

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In conclusion, Microsoft’s partnership with LinkedIn and the launch of the AI Skills Initiative mark a crucial step towards meeting the demand for AI skills in the workforce. Through free training and certification, individuals can gain the knowledge and experience necessary to thrive in an AI-driven world. With its dedication to responsible and ethical AI usage, Microsoft is paving the way for a future where AI benefits society as a whole.

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