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Morbius Movie Review

The new Sony Marvel movie “Morbius” directed by Daniel Espinosa starring Jared Leto is a predictable superhero flick that has gotten some thrilling moments to it but still is overshowdowed by the obviousness.

Morbius Movie Review

Morbius Movie Review After a long delay, the adaptation of the comic book is finally in theatres. There is also an expectation and excitement about the marvel movies that the audiences keep and many movies and shows have proved and lived up to their expectations.

After the enormous success of the spider-man: No way home, it was no doubt that the fans would be hyped about the new vampire character (spiderman-villain) but the Morbius seems to be churned and chewed up out by sony’s department and its algorithm.

Let’s look into the movie’s story, all the bad and good reviews to help you form your view.

Morbius (2022) - Movie | Reviews, Cast & Release Date in ahmedabad -  BookMyShow

Just like any other superhero movie, Morbius is also a story of good versus evil. 

Dr. Michael Morbius (Jared Leto) is a Nobel price winning scientist. Since childhood, he has been suffering from a crippling disease but it hasn’t turned him into a villain yet. He soon finds a cure for the disease but this cure which he thought can heal millions turns into a curse, turning him into a blood-thirsty vampire. And because Morbius is aware of his evilness, he tries his best to not take away innocent lives. But his brother Milo (Matt Smith) who has the same disease is not that evolved, resentful Milo embraces this demonic power from the new cure and unleashes his evilness into the city.  

Is morbius good or bad - Hollywood Minds

It is a comic book story so not much logic is involved in this film. The narrative of the movie builds up too fast that the audience still seems to be processing the scenes. There is no heavy overkill of action or bloodshed but it’s peppered throughout the screenplay which adds up to some thrill. There is constant darkness and eerie on the screen when we see both the hero and villain fight.

Morbius: Bond Of Blood (2021) #1 | Comic Issues | Marvel

The character’s backstory isn’t given much importance leaving the audience unable to connect with the characters. The only colorful part of this bland movie is the smoky psychedelic traces left behind. The scenes are poorly edited, incomplete, lousy, and unclear. Screenrant reviewed it to be a painfully mediocre superhero origin story. But Morbius was consistent with the spooky and dark vibes. It is a goth-inspired monster movie with a little bite.  

Even though the film has gotten a lot of unpleasant reviews, the viewers are free to form their opinions about the movie after watching it.  

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