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Netflix India prohibits the exchange of passwords outside households

Netflix announced on Thursday that password sharing is no longer allowed in India and that only family members will be able to access a single account.

Netflix India prohibits the exchange of passwords outside households

Netflix announced on Thursday that password sharing is no longer allowed in India and that only family members will be able to access a single account.

The decision is part of a global crackdown on customers exchanging passwords with people outside of their immediate family that was made in May as the business tries to stabilize revenue after a difficult period in the previous year.

The policy modification also objects to improving the overall platform user experience and ensuring that only authorized users have access to their Netflix accounts. By cracking down on password sharing, Netflix hopes to preserve the integrity of its collection of media and enhance the enjoyment of its massive subscriber base.

Know about Netflix’s new policy!

In order to enforce conformity to this policy, Netflix in India is sending emails to users who have been found sharing their accounts with anyone outside of their homes.

According to the firm, subscribers can use new tools like Transfer Profile and Manage Access and Devices while using Netflix at home, while traveling, and while on vacation.

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In addition, Netflix now enables paying users to add a second person from outside their household, albeit at an extra monthly cost. Members can move someone’s profile while saving viewing history and customized recommendations to make the process simpler.

Netflix India prohibits the exchange of passwords outside households

The sudden decision was surprising but not unexpected to Indian subscribers, As Netflix in May already imposed restrictions on password-sharing in more than 100 countries including prominent markets like the United States, Germany, Britain, Mexico, France, Australia, Singapore, and Brazil.

The crackdown from other countries has helped the company add nearly 6 million subscribers globally. According to a report, the streaming giant closed the most recent quarter with 238 million subscribers overall with a profit of $1.5 billion. The company also said that the policy would expand to all its markets worldwide.

Everything about Netflix Household

Netflix households refer to individual user accounts or profiles within a single subscription that shares access to the streaming service. Each household member can create a personalized profile, and according to their preferences watch content on various home electronics, including TVs, smartphones, and tablets.

Until now, Anyone who is not a member of your household must create their own account to view series and films on Netflix. They have access to the shared content library, However, each profile retains its own personalized recommendations and watch lists.

In India, Netflix subscribers benefited from a very lenient policy that enabled them to utilize a single account across several houses. By sharing their resources, they were able to access Netflix more affordably and conveniently, allowing each person to customize their viewing experience without interfering with the preferences of others. These new limitations may make it harder for these users to continue using shared accounts, which could eventually result in more streamlined and customized account usage.

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