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Never Have I Ever Season 4: Review

Discover the bittersweet finale of Never Have I Ever Season 4! While predictable, it still delivers closure and leaves fans smiling.

Never Have I Ever Season 4: Review

Never Have I Ever, the hit series that introduced us to the chaotic yet endearing Devi Vishwakumar (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan), has come to its fourth and final season. While the finale offers a satisfying conclusion, it lacks the unexpected twists that we’ve grown accustomed to throughout the show. Despite this, it still manages to provide a wholesome and unsurprising ending that fans can appreciate.

Devi’s Journey of Chaos

From juggling two romantic interests to accidentally causing one of them to be hit by a car, Devi’s journey in Never Have I Ever has been anything but ordinary. She embraces chaos and unpredictability, earning herself the nickname “Crazy Devi.” Season 4 kicks off with Devi’s senior year, a time of transition and self-discovery as she prepares to apply to Princeton, her dream school.

Navigating Senior Year

As Devi and her friends, Eleanor and Fabiola, approach graduation, they face the challenges and joys of senior year. Devi grapples with the aftermath of her intimate encounter with Ben, which alters their relationship. Along the way, she encounters new characters like the charismatic Ethan, who adds a touch of excitement to her final year. Devi’s unconventional nature continues to shine through as she embarks on trips to the East Coast and explores a new sport.

Predictable Yet Satisfying

Despite the series’ penchant for surprises, the ending of Never Have I Ever Season 4 becomes evident as the story progresses. The show has been building up to a specific resolution, and it eventually unfolds as expected. While some may have hoped for a shocking twist, a well-crafted conclusion should not come out of nowhere. Never Have I Ever successfully leads us to an ending that feels organic and fitting.

A Tidy Epilogue

Never Have I Ever Season 4: Review

Season 4 feels more like a lengthy epilogue than a standalone chapter in Devi’s life. Her concerns and fears unfold predictably, without many unexpected turns. In contrast to previous seasons, which skillfully intertwined Devi’s relationship with her late father Mohan through flashbacks and hallucinations, Season 4 lacks that cohesive narrative element. The rush to tie up loose ends results in some romantic storylines feeling hurried and underdeveloped.

A Crowd-Pleasing Conclusion

The final season of Never Have I Ever aims to please its audience. It delivers a satisfying ending that will leave fans with smiles on their faces. However, it falls short in terms of emotional depth compared to the preceding three seasons. The show’s strength has always been its ability to strike a balance between humor, heart, and character development. Season 4, while providing closure for the characters, doesn’t quite reach the same level of realism and impact as its predecessors.

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In Retrospect

As we bid farewell to Never Have I Ever, we can appreciate the journey it has taken us on. The show has left a lasting impression with its clever blend of comedy, heartfelt moments, and strong character arcs. While the final season may not reach the same heights as before, it serves as a reminder of the quality storytelling and entertainment it has offered over the years. Never Have I Ever will be remembered as a delightful coming-of-age series that captured the hearts of its viewers.

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