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No Hard Feelings Review: Jennifer Lawrence’s Latest Film Delivers a Brave Attempt to Revive Sex Comedies

Discover Jennifer Lawrence’s brave attempt to revive sex comedies in “No Hard Feelings.” A nostalgic yet flawed exploration of modern humor.

No Hard Feelings Review: Jennifer Lawrence's Latest Film Delivers a Brave Attempt to Revive Sex Comedies

In this review, we dive into “No Hard Feelings,” Jennifer Lawrence’s latest film that endeavors to revisit the comedic allure of sex comedies from the past. While the movie falls short of delivering consistent laughter, it does succeed in transporting us back to a time when sexual energy was not perceived as a threat. Join us as we explore the highlights and shortcomings of this interesting cinematic experiment.

Unmasking Our Present Seriousness

“No Hard Feelings” sets out to make a statement about the current state of the world and its lack of lightheartedness. It sheds light on our contemporary self-seriousness, where intimacy and sexuality are often entangled with anxiety and caution. The film reflects on how we have evolved to a point where the simple act of sex has become burdened with complex interpretations and deeper meanings. Consequently, casual sex humor has become less palatable and more potentially offensive. This thought-provoking question arises: When was the last time we enjoyed a raunchy teen comedy without analyzing its social implications? “No Hard Feelings” manages to evoke this inquiry, prompting us to reflect on the changing dynamics of humor in today’s society.

The Plot and Characters

Directed by Gene Stupnitsky, “No Hard Feelings” revolves around Maddie (Jennifer Lawrence), a struggling resident of suburban Montauk. Maddie finds herself doing odd jobs, including driving for Uber, in order to make ends meet. With her living situation in jeopardy, she stumbles upon a peculiar advertisement in a local newspaper. The ad seeks a woman who can help bring out the confidence of Percy (Andrew Barth Feldman), a 19-year-old virgin. This eccentric premise takes us back to the wild days when coming-of-age comedies embraced absurdity and delighted audiences with their outrageousness.

No Hard Feelings Review: Jennifer Lawrence's Latest Film Delivers a Brave Attempt to Revive Sex Comedies

Maddie takes on the task of dating Percy, a well-intentioned but insecure young man. Despite the significant age difference, both protagonists have their own maturing to do. Although the film has its sluggish and unfunny moments, “No Hard Feelings” successfully transports us to a time when sexual energy was not automatically perceived as menacing. It portrays a time when discussions about the mechanics of sex were less psychologically loaded. While acknowledging the importance of championing stories that address sexual trauma and abuse, the movie sheds light on how our seriousness has overshadowed the simplicity of lighthearted jokes about sexuality.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Impact

While “No Hard Feelings” may not reach the same comedic heights as “Superbad” or the iconic “American Pie” series, the fact that Jennifer Lawrence, an A-list star, immerses herself in a goofy, self-deprecating role is commendable. Lawrence fearlessly takes on challenging scenes, enduring comedic mishaps such as getting pepper sprayed, being thrown from a car’s hood into the sea, and facing resounding rejection from a cocooned teenager. By portraying the prom queen’s other side, Lawrence breaks the mold and demonstrates her ability to embrace unconventional characters. This is particularly noteworthy considering her past experience as a victim of a phone leak scandal. It takes courage to board such a brave little ship, which Lawrence and her co-actors navigate with dedication.

A Shift in Comedy Dynamics

In a post-MeToo era, where shows like “Euphoria” and “I May Destroy You” highlight the realities of sexual trauma, it is challenging for a sex comedy to generate the same level of interest as those from two decades ago. Have we become wiser, recognizing that the theatricality surrounding sex and intimacy is rarely as exaggerated or edgy as depicted in these films? Or have we transitioned to a realm where nothing is as it appears—a realm where everything must possess depth, layers, and symbolic meaning? While this notion aligns with our current understanding, it can also lead to a sense of lifelessness and monotony.

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“No Hard Feelings” subtly touches upon these themes but unfortunately fails to thoroughly explore them with the vigor they deserve. Instead, the film settles into a familiar mold, succumbing to the allure of a coastal town and emphasizing the development of friendship rather than embracing a wilder, more audacious narrative path. Additionally, the movie noticeably struggles with crafting a successful sex joke—a testament to the increasing difficulty of creating such humor. Thankfully, Lawrence and the ensemble cast give it their best shot.

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