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Oklahoman Red Dirt musician Jake Flint passed away at 37, not long after getting married

The wedding of singer-songwriter Jake Flint and his bride, Brenda, in a secluded farmstead between Claremore and Owasso on Saturday didn’t seem to be affected by the rain.

Jake Flint

“He had booked a 40 by 60 circus tent despite the rain. They placed many carpets on top of the muck, after which they obtained two sheets of three-and-a-quarter-inch plywood, positioned them on the ground, and that served as my stage. Is it going to be alright for you? asks Jake. Jake, that’s fantastic, I exclaim. I excel on a flatbed trailer or a piece of plywood “said Mike Hosty, a one-man band from Norman who performed at the wedding.

“Although it was merely a joyful wedding, my ancient van is still covered in dirt. And what transpired is tragic in every way.”

The news that Flint had passed away in his sleep barely hours after saying his vows to his bride reached Hosty on Sunday morning.

“He was a singer-songwriter first and foremost. He also had a large personality and a great heart, and he would go above and beyond for you. It’s one of the most important days when an artist is asked to perform at their wedding, and it’s always an honour “Spicy stated.

However, Brenda is someone Brenda genuinely feels for. “I really simply appreciate recalling that beautiful moment of seeing them getting married.”

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As news of Flint’s unexpected death at the age of 37 spread, the shock and loss were palpable in Oklahoma’s music scene on Monday. After his wedding on Saturday, the Red Dirt singer-songwriter passed away in his sleep, according to Clif Doyal, his longtime publicist, who confirmed the news to The Oklahoman.

The cause of death is still uncertain.

“He wasn’t simply a client; he was also a close friend and an all-around great guy. He was adored by many, as seen by the social media outpouring. I believe a lot of it was just that he loved people and had a great sense of humour. He made everyone smile and laugh, and he made everyone feel at home “Added Doyal.

He represented Oklahoma Red Dirt music as an ambassador.

Up-and-coming Four albums by a Red Dirt artist.

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Early Life 

Oklahoman Red Dirt musician Jake Flint passed away at 37, not long after getting married
Photo vis Facebook: Brenda Cline

Flint, who is from Tulsa, is the son of a renegade oilman and a hard-working mother of two. He was raised in Holdenville.

After learning that his father, an enthusiastic music lover, had ALS, he began performing music (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). Flint’s father hired a couple of buddies to teach the future Red Dirt up-and-comer to play the guitar and take him to local bluegrass festivals since he wouldn’t be able to participate in sports with his son.

Along with his love of bluegrass, Flint was also influenced by a variety of musical genres, including Red Dirt greats Tom Skinner and The Great Divide, 1990s rockers Nirvana and Pearl Jam, Texas singer-songwriters Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt, and jam bands Phish and String Cheese Incident.

To make his debut album, “I’m Not Okay,” released in 2016, Flint went to The Boohatch, the former Ada residence studio of The Great Divide frontman, producer, and Oklahoma Music Hall of Famer Mike McClure.

“You could tell that he truly enjoyed doing it. He brought in this sort of Irish band; they played bluegrass, but they also had some traditional Irish instruments, and they collaborated with Jake on some really cool stuff. He chose to record his album in my place when I began to like listening to his original tunes. Additionally, he produced an album for some other songwriters, “According to McClure, The Oklahoman.

Oklahoman performers honour Red Dirt singer-songwriter

In the last two days, a lot of Oklahoma musicians have posted tributes to Flint on Facebook.

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Blake Lankford, a member of the Seventh Day Rebellion songwriting collective known as VIIDR, penned the following: “If there’s a heaven and they let me in, I know it’ll be because you went to bat for me, Jake.” Travis Kidd said Flint “a true legend that will never be forgotten,” while Buffalo Rogers wrote on his blog, “The world has a dimmer shine without you in it.”

“I’ve never encountered a new artist that was so adored and had such a large following.” You have to work hard to build something like that, and Jake had it. Oh, my goodness, he was adored and cherished by all. Jake had no adversaries whatsoever. He had a strong business sense and was eager to do anything for anyone. “Only one Jake Flint exists,” claimed Brenda Cline, a former manager, a partner in a prospective company venture, and Flint’s business advisor.

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