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Onam Sadhya: Enticing Flavours from Kerala in Kolkata restaurants?

Onam is native to the citizens of Kerala. Finger-licking dishes are served and the ‘City of Joy’ Kolkata is all set to introduce some Onam delicacies.

Sourced from Telegraph India
Sourced from Telegraph India

Onam is an annual harvest festival, native to the citizens of Kerala. Finger-licking dishes are served during Onam and the ‘City of Joy’ Kolkata is all set to introduce some Onam delicacies to brighten the foodie palate. Read on to find out where you can get a taste of Onam and what the pocket pinch is!

What is Onam?

Onam is in full swing across the country. Malayalis can be seen celebrating their harvest festival with full aplomb and radiant joy. This Indian harvest festival is celebrated in the month called Chingam, which harkens the beginning of the Malayalam calendar. The festivities and offerings are dedicated to King Mahabali, who is the God of Harvest in Kerala. It is believed that he comes to Earth during the period of Onam and works his magic on the natural wealth of Kerala. Onam is important for farmers because they believe that the visit of King Mahabali brings fortune and prosperity for them, and protection for their ripe crops.

This year Onam started on August 20, 2023 and will end on August 31, 2023. On the last day, believers will celebrate Thiruvonam which is considered the most important day of the festival.

What is Onam Sadhya?

Onam is a time of piety, celebration and amazing food. Onam Sadhya is the traditional feast served during Onam. This platter consists of 26 mouth-watering vegetarian dishes which bring you a true glimpse of the culinary culture of Kerala.

Kolkata is a conglomeration of different cultures and the people of the city love to explore cuisines other than their own. This has led to a steady increase in the number of restaurants offering the Onam Sadhya. Let us take a look at the best ones in the market.

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Restaurants Serving Onam Sadhya Platters in Kolkata


Location: 177, Sarat Bose Road Opp. DKS, Desapriya Park W, Kolkata, West Bengal 700026

Lovers of South Indian food are sure to be familiar with this restaurant located in South Kolkata. Tamarind is providing a delectable Sadhya in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties. You get to choose from a range of dishes. These include Inji Curry, Pacha Moru, Kaalan and Payasam, to name a few.

Pocket Pinch: Vegetarian Thali (INR 675 per person) and Non-vegetarian Thali (INR 799 per person)

Fairfield by Marriott

Location: Cb 218, CB Block(Newtown), Action Area 1C, Newtown, Kolkata, New Town, West Bengal 700156

JW Marriott is already a well-known destination for a 5-star culinary experience in Kolkata. Kava is the 24×7 restaurant in JW Marriott famous for its unique take on South Indian delicacies. Currently, they are offering a Sadhya feast with their popular mango curry and Payasam as must-haves.

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Pocket Pinch: Lunch (INR 1199 + taxes) and Dinner (INR 1299 + taxes)


Location: 24, Rajani Sen Road, Lake Range, Kalighat

Kerala is a coastal state, where the backwaters and the ocean meet in a holy union. ‘God’s Own Country’ has its own variety of coastal cuisine. Surfiré is a coastal-themed South Indian café that has become quite the talk of the town in recent times. For Sadhya, you will get a 22-dish platter which includes Erissery (pumpkin curry in coconut milk), Matta Rice, Kootu Curry and more.

Pocket Pinch: INR 699 + taxes per person

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