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Panchayat Season 2 Trailer Is Out Now: The Viral Fever Is Back With Its Famous Comedy-Drama starring Jitendra Kumar

Fans’ favorite Jeetendra Kumar, as Abhishek in Panchayat, is back with season 2 on Amazon Prime.

Panchayat Season 2 Trailer is out now: The Viral Fever is back with its famous comedy-drama starring Jeetendra Kumar

After two years of waiting for Panchayat, Amazon original and TVF makers have finally dropped the trailer of Panchayat season 2, which is set to release globally on 20 May 2022.

Deepak Kumar Mishra’s directed Panchayat series is an insider view of the internal problems a rural village and its residents face in day-to-day life. With Jitendra Kumar as the lead, the series also features Neena Gupta and Raghubir Yadav. 

The series depicts a common man’s life and hustle named Abhishek Tripathi (Jitendra Kumar) as an engineer who lost his job and further became a panchayat office secretary. He works around the challenges and problems of the people in their village named Phulera.

However, the direction of this series has a clever way to understand the issues of a village in a comedy-drama genre so the audience feels light-hearted and engaging enough for the viewers.

Panchayat Season 2 Trailer Is Out Now: The Viral Fever Is Back With Its Famous Comedy-Drama starring Jitendra Kumar
Photo credit: IMDb

The lead actor, Jitendra Kumar mentioned how his experience matched that of the series when he said, “Growing up within the limits of a small town myself, I could relate to the dilemmas and hesitance of Abhishek right from day one, though he had a bigger challenge of transitioning into the rural life,” actor Jitendra Kumar says.

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More about Panchayat Season 2

“This resonance somewhere helped me to get into the skin of the character and reprise him better. As a character, the constant oscillation of wanting to make it big but also standing in solidarity with the villagers is what makes Abhishek so relatable and unabashedly real. Into the second season, he is much more levelheaded and at peace with himself as he steers through the concerns in Phulera. It was an amazing experience to work with such a talented cast and I am looking forward to the global premiere of Panchayat S2 on Prime Video.”

Panchayat Season 2 Trailer Is Out Now: The Viral Fever Is Back With Its Famous Comedy-Drama starring Jitendra Kumar
Photo credit: IMDb

In addition to this, Kumar also told,” At Prime Video, we are always looking out for the next best story and our content slate thrives on some of the most well-written and authentic narratives,” said Manish Menghani, Head, of content licensing, Amazon Prime Video. “Panchayat is a simple, relevant, and heartwarming tale of human emotions told through a miscellany of characters who have nothing in common. Just like the first one, this season also reflects on a life away from the urban monotony, beautifully weaved together by an amazing ensemble of actors. This series is a leap ahead in our fruitful collaboration with TVF whose mastery of relatable storytelling remains unmatched. The first season had opened to a remarkable response and we hope to replicate the same with this one as well.”

Panchayat Season 2 Trailer Is Out Now: The Viral Fever Is Back With Its Famous Comedy-Drama starring Jitendra Kumar
Photo credit: IMDb

“At TVF, our core focus always lies on telling stories that are nuanced, close to life and break the norms of conventional storytelling, and most importantly resonate with the younger audiences,” added Deepak Kumar Mishra, Director, Panchayat.

“Panchayat is a simple yet smart depiction of life in the rural nooks of India, laden with perseverance and patience under the surface, told through the eyes of Abhishek, a young engineering graduate who unwillingly took up a job at a village panchayat. The raw and light-hearted visual storytelling comes alive with artists like Jitendra Kumar, Raghuvir Yadav, and Neena Gupta, who add value and beauty to the essence of this family entertainer. We are happy to extend our successful partnership with Prime Video for this one and reinstate our promise of impactful storytelling. Looking forward to the global premiere of Panchayat S2 across 240 countries and territories the world over.”

The audience is thrilled and excited to watch the new season of Panchayat with the hopes that it will bring the same Indian drama, comedy, and laughter by keeping it all quite real and understandable.

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