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Physics Wallah: A startup to a Soonicorn and now Successful

Edtech startups have taken the Indian market ablaze, today we will be talking about one of those. Physics Wallah, YouTube Channel converted startup.

Physics Wallah A startup to a Soonicorn and now Successful
Image Credits: ScoopWhoop

Education, Startups and Technology are the three things in which India is orthodox and stagnant. Our syllabus dates back to the times when your grandparents studied and out technology upgrades but very slowly lastly our startup culture has recently started embarking on a bright future which is a positive.

In a developing country like India, we need a proper modern educational facility that’s where tech start-ups come in. The lockdown has incentivised this market and made students afflicted to screens in a good way I.e for learning.

India has 3,500 registered Edtech startups currently with the number looking to double in the foreseeable future. The industry in 2021 according to KPMG was worth $1.96 Billion which is sitting on funding of somewhere around the neighbourhood of a Billion Dollars.

Why are tech startups rising in India?

●      The demand for Learning – In a progressing nation like ours, education is key and is in demand on the online mode paving a perfect way for this industry to grow.

●      Books are history – When you can search anything on the net within seconds why would anyone keep books? Many colleges have started giving books in pdf form to save paper and make learning easier.

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●      Demand for good teachers – Edtech enables one teacher to teach lakhs of students at a time, a privilege we didn’t have 10 years ago. As we study more and specialise it gets tougher to find a good professor. Well, edtech does that for you in minutes.

●      Flexible learning – Students love education at their convenient times. EdTech startups give you that education at your time. So students have gone from following times to fixing times.

Physics Wallah A startup to a Soonicorn and now Successful
Image Credits: Under20s

Today we will be talking about one such startup which you might have heard of or seen reels of. Yes none other than “PHYSICSWALLAH”

The Noida-based Startup started by Alakh Pandey and Prateek Maheshwari has recently reached Unicorn status by reaching a billion dollars in company with a valuation of $1.1 billion + in June 2022.

Their vision is to provide “education for all regardless of their economic status.” PW has shown this by launching courses at low affordable rates for all.

This start-up has seen it all from struggling for funding to becoming popular on YouTube to wearing the crown called a unicorn startup.

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In an era dominated by Byjus, Vedanta and their acquisitions, PhysicsWallah is standing straight and ready to compete. Let’s look at a few reasons why they are the best in their specifications :

●      Specified Niche – When we talk about Byjus or Vedantu they don’t have any specific niche in education whereas PW specialises in Physics making people choose them for physics over any brand.

●      Course Strategy – PW launched the Physics JEE study course for 999 which kick-started their growth. They marketed their course in a way which is affordable to students and appears as a necessity.

Physics Wallah A startup to a Soonicorn and now Successful
Image Credits: equitypandit

●      Way of Teaching – PW makes teaching fun and in a way more interactive for students. Often PW bits can be seen on reels which show that they are popular and have a great reach.

Sources: Startuptalky and buildd

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