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Rowoon Bids Adieu to SF9 Will Be Focusing on His Acting Career

In the latest news for all K-Pop fans, Rowoon will no longer be a member of group SF9. He now intends to work more on acting projects.

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In the latest news for all K-Pop fans, Rowoon will no longer be a member of group SF9. An official statement was released by FNC Entertainment. Rowoon also took to the official SF9 fan café to convey the message to his fans. He shared a handwritten letter that stated his departure and an apology to all his fans.

In their statement, FNC Entertainment informed the fans that all eight members except Rowoon had renewed their contracts. SF9 will continue its activities as an eight-membered group. Also, Rowoon will be focusing more on his solo activities including acting. The company assured fans that despite Rowoon’s exit, the group will still keep rooting for each other.

About the group SF9

SF9, short for Sensational Feeling 9, is a South Korean boy band that debuted on October 5, 2016. It originally consisted of 9 members and was managed by FNC Entertainment. They are known for being the tallest boy band with an average height of 181.9 cm. Since their debut, they have released 1 studio album, 2 singles, and 11 extended plays. They have made a remarkable name for themselves in the Korean music industry.

Currently, 2 of the members are serving in the military. Rowoon had been missing from group activities since last year. Their last comeback had only six members. Apart from Rowoon, other members of the group like Hwiyoung, Chani, and Zuho have also acted in various dramas.

Rowoon’s acting discography

Rowoon’s first tryst with acting was the drama School 2017 in which he played a small role. Then he starred in Where Stars Land. In 2019 he led the drama Extraordinary You. That gave him national and international acclaim. He was even named the Male Idol Actor Of The Year in 2020. In the same year, he was also named the Best Male Acting Idol.

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Since then, he has starred in She Would Never Know, The King’s Affection, Tomorrow. Currently, he is the male lead in the ongoing drama Destined With You alongside Cho Bo Ah. He also recently did a cameo in the Netflix series A Time Called You. Also, he will be soon seen in the upcoming drama Wedding Match alongside Cho Yi Hyun. The drama is slated for an October release.

Rowoon’s popularity amongst fans

Ever since his debut, Rowoon along with other group members has enjoyed a loyal fanbase. The group SF9’s official fandom name is Fantasy. Rowoon has their full support. Apart from that, he also has gained a loyal fan following due to his acting projects. The charisma that he brings into a character gets his fans swooning. Fans nowadays are totally enjoying his role in Destined With You. And as he has promised, he will continue to look after his fans by picking good projects. We wish Rowoon and SF9 all the best!

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