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Senior Year Review: Rebel Wilson Glows in the high school comedy-drama

Rebel Wilson is back with her major glow-up transformation in a rather dull teenage comedy movie.

Senior Year Review: Rebel Wilson Glows in the high school comedy-drama
Senior Year – Picture: Netflix / Paramount Pictures

Senior Year, directed by debutant Alex Hardcastle has been released on the OTT platform Netlfix on 13’th May 2022. The film is a light comedy of the journey of a teenage girl who skips her entire 20 years in a coma and is determined to live her dream life again. 

Let’s have a look at the cast, story, and review of the film!

Senior Year Review: Rebel Wilson Glows in the high school comedy-drama
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The lead actress Rebel Wilson is starred as Stephanie Conway, Angourie Rice as young Stephanie Conway, Mary Holland, best friend of Stephanie as Martha Reiser, and love interest Sam Richardson as Seth Novacelik. 


The story begins in the ’90s when Steph is just a 14-year-old teenager who moved fresh from Australia. She makes two best friends Martha and Seth, who know her the best. As she throws a birthday day on turning 14, she gets fascinated with the idea of becoming famous. Thus, her whole life takes a shift and she starts manifesting and working her way to come to the top of the popularity pyramid. 

A quick jump to a few years later, Steph is now 17 with her title of being the most famous person in the school. Her grades are pretty good and she becomes the cheer captain of Harding High School.

Conway feels close to her dream life as she idolizes Deanna Russo, former cheer captain and prom queen of Harding High. For Steph, it’s a matter of utmost importance to win the prom queen in order to live the exact same life as her alumni Russo. 

However, an unfortunate event occurs on the basketball court when Steph’s nemesis Tiffany plans a fail drop on Stephanie’s performance. She falls directly to the floor and loses consciousness. Fast forward to 20 years later, Conway wakes up from her coma and is introduced to the new decade of 2022.

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From here on, her journey sets on to relive her last year of high school. So, she enrolls herself back in Harding High, where Martha is the principal and Seth is a librarian. She makes good friends but is confused about matching the timelines of the 90s with the present. 

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With Martha, Seth, and her widowed dad’s support, she gets around the way everything works and plans to become a cheer captain and win the title of prom queen. With that goal in mind, she is met by Bri, the daughter of her rival Tiffany and former lover Blaine. But somehow, she manages to be friends with Bri and at last declare a truce after winning the prom queen. 


Senior Year Review: Rebel Wilson Glows in the high school comedy-drama

Senior Year is a movie full of teenage drama, catfights, and high school lives. Rebel has brought the element of fun and crazy in a decent amount.

However, there is a relatively poor use of language and a lot of scenes that highlight sexist jokes, which is entirely inappropriate. But moving past that, the comedy-drama is good to watch when in the mood for something light!

Senior Year is out now on Netflix!

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