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SRK Out, Ranveer In: What do fans think about this sudden change in Don 3?

Don 3 has been making quite the buzz on social media. This is not just because of the decade-long gap between the previous film and this new one in the franchise. It is also because there is NO SRK in the film. And the new lead is the beloved Ranveer Singh!

Sourced from News 18
Sourced from News 18

Don 3 has been making quite the buzz on social media. This is not just because of the decade-long gap between the previous film and this new one in the franchise. It is also because there is NO SRK in the film. And the new lead is the beloved Ranveer Singh!

All the Buzz About Don 3

Don 3 has been in the minds of Bollywood lovers for quite some time now. The last Don film, starring Shah Rukh Khan as Don was released way back in 2011. Since then, people have been counting the years for some announcements. Recently, the director of the franchise, Farhan Akhtar, revealed the poster for Don 3. He also made a surprising announcement that clarified who had been cast as Don in the third installment of the franchise. This someone has just had a great theatre experience with his film Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani hitting the blockbuster chart very soon. With Don 3 up his sleeve, Ranveer Singh will be unstoppable!

Farhan Akhtar revealed the teaser of Don 3. What does it show? And why has it caused such a hullabaloo in the audience? In the teaser, Ranveer Singh can be seen in a high-rise building (similar to the one from Fight Club) with his back to the camera. The camera moves closer to his closely cropped hair as he picks up a cigarette from the ground in style and in slow motion. He introduces himself as Don and then proceeds to charm the camera with his look. Apparently, things did not go as well as planned, with audience members going to the extent of commenting that the teaser looked like a cigarette advertisement.

Who’s Saying What?

Some audience members, including the venerable Zeenat Aman herself, have gone out of their way to suggest that Ranveer Singh would totally hit the ball out of the park as the lead in Don 3. Some audience members are anxious about who will take Priyanka Chopra’s place in the Don franchise and whether this good cop-bad cop routine will even be worth it without the SRK-Priyanka chemistry. The older audience members have been reminiscing about Amitabh Bachchan’s Don and how not even SRK had the acting chops or the suave demeanor to outdo him.

Twitter has erupted in controversy over the casting of Ranveer Singh as Don, and Instagram has broken records with dissatisfied fans, memes, and hilariously sarcastic reels. Fans posted pictures of SRK as Don and called him irreplaceable, while lots of fans were just disappointed because they had been hoping that SRK would come back as Don and give them another thriller where “11 mulkon ki police Don ka peechha karegi“.

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Good, Bad, or Ugly?

Here are a couple of tweets from the audience, with the good, the bad and the ugly mixed in:

#ShahRukhKhan𓀠 AS #Don was something else! @RanveerOfficial’s promo of #Don3 is very very mediocre! Even the voice of SRK had that bass and swag of Don! Now people will understand that carrying forward another superstar’s legacy is not easy! #RanveerSingh CA Sarad Pasarri

Don 3’s canvas is painted with Ranveer Singh’s strokes of brilliance and charisma!


#RanveerCanvas Shiv Kumar

Don without SRK just won’t be the same! SRK’s charisma and aura made the character iconic. Hoping for a stellar performance from Ranveer Singh to keep the legacy alive. #Don3 #SRK #RanveerSingh Statelyyou

Don 3 – Director’s Cut

The makers have stated that SRK declined the offer of Don 3 and there was nothing Farhan Akhtar could do except look for a fresh face. And that face was Ranveer Singh.

Empire Weekly Exclusive

Ranveer Singh has promised his fans that he will try his best to do justice to the Don franchise. He took to Instagram to share his love for the previous faces of Don and how this has been a dream come true for him!

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