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Sylvester Stallone’s Star Vehicle “Tulsa King” Is a Rickety One: TV Review

In this exciting new Paramount+ series, Taylor Sheridan and Sylvester Stallone team up to take on the mob.

Tulsa King

“Tulsa King,” the most recent drama starring Taylor Sheridan and Terence Winter for Paramount+, is just a little conventional. However, it is astonishing and eerily fascinating for a few reasons.

First of all, is the fact that “Tulsa King” continues Sheridan’s rapid ascent as a writer-director and one of the most popular television producers of the last 10 years. Sheridan, who is perhaps best known for playing a modest supporting role in “Sons of Anarchy,” has grown his small-screen empire from a few financially lucrative neo-Western films. 

Sheridan has built a storytelling identity that is distinct from well-known creators like Shonda Rhimes and Ryan Murphy, in addition to his breakout hit “Yellowstone” and its four spinoffs, and an ever-expanding slate of projects.

Another distinctive feature of “Tulsa King” is its 76-year-old star Sylvester Stallone, who is making his first appearance in a television series. It’s nothing new for actors best known for yesterday’s blockbuster movies to reinvent themselves in the television industry.

However, Stallone is a unique actor, with a post-“Rocky” filmography that alternates between action franchises with a focus on setpieces and attempts to move beyond the role of heroic soldiers like “Rambo.” Up until he won a Golden Globe for his supporting performance in “Creed,” Stallone’s fundamental acting ability was hotly contested.

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Tulsa King

Stallone plays a role in “Tulsa King” which was obviously created with him in mind, and it makes a huge difference. Even though “Tulsa King” might not be up to the mark, the movie frequently succeeds thanks to Stallone’s charming (albeit often mannered) portrayal.

Stallone still has a limited range, but he moves through it with the deftness of a contortionist confined in a box. Even though “Tulsa King” isn’t a particularly good programme with him on it, it would be far less compelling without him.

As Dwight “The General” Manfredi, a New York mafioso who has been out of the game while serving a 25-year prison sentence, Stallone plays the lead role. After his release, Dwight plans a celebration at his favourite gentleman’s club and a montage set to Ace Frehley’s “New York Groove” to welcome him back into the family.

Instead, he is dropped off in Long Island for a tense meeting when it is determined how much restructuring has occurred during his protracted absence.

Chickie, played by Domenick Lombardozzi, tells Dwight that there is no longer room for him in the New York gang. His only option is to accept a new task that entails moving to the second-largest city in Oklahoma despite never having done so. 

He will need to learn how to navigate a new business environment in Tulsa as well as get used to a world that is different from the one he left behind. Dwight is determined to take possession of any land that may ultimately be left to old men.

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The concept is that it will be challenging for an experienced con to update his techniques for contemporary graft. But by placing Dwight on a glide path, the pilot almost immediately puts an end to that possibility. Dwight’s inclination for crime hasn’t even marginally lessened after a quarter-century away from the hustle.

 In fact, Dwight had lined up a personal driver (Jay Will) and the first reluctant recruit for his protection network after only a few hours in the Sooner State while still carrying his bags. 

Tulsa King Trailer

He quite literally wanders into a marijuana dispensary on a whim, and within minutes he has Bodhi (Martin Starr), the proprietor, under his control.

There isn’t anything in the two episodes that were shown to critics that suggests Dwight’s second act won’t always be this smooth, but it’s safe to assume that it can always be like this. The episodes are primarily concerned with calibrating Dwight as a criminal antihero with a complex moral code in order to prevent the audience from growing disenchanted with him.

Just enough virtue is displayed by Dwight in the pilot to persuade fans that he is a capo they can love without feeling guilty, as he has the opportunity to confront casual racism and leave a bar patron for flirting with women. 

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By the end of the two episodes, there isn’t even a clear antagonist. Yes, there are traces of his life before prison that are complicating his new one. His romantic chemistry with Stacy Beale (Andrea Savage), whose connection to Dwight will be more than clear to anyone who wants to think about it for even two seconds, may also lead to something positive. 

However, for the first two episodes at least, Dwight’s primary foe was time, with all the ridesharing services, TikTok trends, and meme stocks it had unleashed while he was away.

Dwight complains about personal pronouns, staying true to Sheridan’s conservative reputation, even though he has no reason to be aware of these current cultural conflicts, much less to have a stake in the outcome. 

The “what’s the deal with pronouns” monologue sounds like something Stallone may actually say, despite the fact that it makes little sense for the character he is playing. This is what curiously makes Stallone watchable in a programme that isn’t usually. Sheridan and Winter have built a figure that Sly can’t help but get right by centering the world of “Tulsa King” around him.

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