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Systematic and Sustainable Approach towards building a healthy diet

Learn the importance of mindful eating and watch your diet reach its epitome.

Systematic and Sustainable Approach towards building a healthy diet

Humans in the 21st century are now more inclined toward fitness than ever. We are buying gym memberships, yoga tuitions, and healthy cookbooks, and the list is never-ending.

But what about our dietary choices? having a healthy diet is never about being unrealistically thin, or restricting certain foods. Rather it’s about, feeling great, elevating our mood, and foods that help us have more energy. 

What if tell you, that one can enjoy their favorite foods and still make/maintain their desired body goal? Moderation is the key and your very best friend. Eating anything in moderation cant ruin your body goals.

Firstly we need to track our calories, then practice portion control, so that we get to enjoy everything guilt-free. While diets like keto, sugar-free or carb free, etc may suggest otherwise, we all need a balance of protein, carbs, fiber, vitamins, and minerals to sustain a healthy life. Our goal should be to replace processed foods with organic natural foods as much as we can and consume nearly everything in the food pyramid. 

Systematic and Sustainable Approach towards building a healthy diet
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You aren’t alone if you find yourself overwhelmed by so much confusing and conflicting diet advice given out there. While one expert may ask you to do a certain thing, the other will recommend the complete opposite.

The truth is some specific foods have proven to be beneficial, but it’s your overall dietary habits that count. Listen and learn your body, see what suits you best then act accordingly.

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Popeye was right about spinach, dark green leafy vegetables are the healthiest food on the planet. As far as whole foods go, they offer the most nutrition per calorie. Eating foods that are as close as possible to the way nature made them can make a huge difference in the way you look, think, perform and feel. 

Make innovations with tasty and healthy recipes. Substitute high-calorie ingredients with low-calorie ones. Replace high sugary drinks with natural smoothies or juices. Simple carbs over complex carbs and you are good to go.

Always remember to jazz up your meals and have fun trying out different flavors. It’s about time we put fiber to shine, & add more fruits and beans to our diet. It’s ideal to consume 30g of fiber daily to aid healthy digestion. 

A healthy diet is not something you pick overnight, and the next day you are erasing carbs or fats, but it’s something that you see yourself working with and enjoying for the rest of your life.

This is the prime reason why restrictive diets fail in the long term, which is that as soon we begin to see the results, we tend to throw our restrictions right out the window. And whos really to blame? We are only human, and food is the true essence of life. You’ll be surprised to see how many modern-day problems and diseases can be permanently healed with the help of a well-balanced diet. The bottom line is, that we should all be eating pure fruits, vegetables, and meat as if our life depends on them – because they do. 

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Harjyot Sandhu is an Entertainment & Arts Intern at Empire Weekly. She was born and raised in Mumbai, and recently graduated with Bachelor's degree in Mass Media & Communications. She is an avid geek when it comes to contemporary media and her core interests lie within the entertainment and fitness industry. Harjyot enjoys the ever-changing pace of the world & human evolution.

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