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Taylor Swift and Beyonce Fans Alert! Be A Reporter For Them.

Taylor Swift and Beyonce are two phenomena in the pop music industry. And there is a piece of good news for their fans. Swifties and beyhive read ahead.

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Taylor Swift and Beyonce are two phenomena in the pop music industry. And there is a piece of good news for their fans. No, it’s not another world tour or album release. It is a job opening!

Gannett, the US’ biggest chain of newspapers has revealed two job openings. A Taylor Swift reporter and a Beyonce reporter. The hiring will be done through the US Today and The Tennessean. These newspapers are based out of Nashville which is also where Taylor Swift lives. The company is looking for individuals adept in all formats of journalism.

Why the need for this unusual job?

It is a quite well-known fact that Beyonce and Taylor Swift have brought a revolution in the pop music space. Swifties caused a seismic movement during one of Taylor Swift’s Eras World Tour concerts. Also, Beyonce’s concert in Sweden was a major factor in raising the country’s inflation. Such is their fandom.

According to Gannett, the main motive behind such a job opening is to study these pop stars’ meteoric effect in other spaces apart from music. They want a person who can analyze why and how Taylor Swift and Beyonce’s stardom only continues to grow. Condition- you have to be a swiftie or a beyhive.

There’s even a course on Taylor Swift!

The job is not the first thing that Taylor Swift has influenced. A full-fledged course on her life and music-making process exists. Not just that, many of her song lyrics are taught at prestigious universities. The Stanford University has included ‘All Too Well’ in their syllabus. University Of Texas is also teaching her lyrics alongside famous poets and playwrights. Her lyrics are used as a reference in teaching psychology, literature, etc.

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While Beyonce might not have a course to her credit, she is equally influential. Apart from proving her musical prowess, she has emerged as an icon for black people. She is an artist with the most Grammy wins. Her music is an empowerment to women of all colors and ethnicities.

Taylor Swift and Beyonce’s contributions to society

They make music, they are influencers, they are businesswomen. And they are also major contributors to social causes. Beyonce’s BeyGOOD initiative covers many social causes like food shortage, education, unemployment, etc. It is now a public charity foundation. She also supports a lot of charities and foundations.

Taylor Swift is also known to make a lot of charity donations. During her Eras tour, she provided bonuses to her tour truck drivers. She also donated to hunger relief organizations. She has contributed to the Cancer Research Institute and supports bodies like UNICEF, PETA, and Red Cross. She is also known to show immense support to her fans and crew.

So, put your beyhive and swiftie hats on. This is your chance to make a living out of being a fan.

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