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The Best Android Games for 2022

Looking for the best nutritional diet of games for your Android phone? Scroll down this space to know more about the popular ones among the youths!

The Best Android Games for 2022
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Since the unimaginable success that has taken place in the smartphone industry initiating in the early 2000s, various other industries like food, pharma, transport, gaming et cetera have developed themselves to provide the users the experience which they never had thought in their dreams. Among them, the latest yet one of the most advancing industries is ‘Gaming’ which every single day developing and updating itself with the aim to provide the millennials and especially the ‘Gen-Z’ population the entertainment in a way which their parents and grandparents have never dreamt of.

In this article, we will be talking about those best games which are a complete package of entertainment filled with excitement and dig out the most competitive part of yours. Although the smartphone industry is majorly divided into the Android and iOS division and arguably android provides a much wide range of games yet with cheaper options, in this article, we will be focusing specifically on those best Android games which google play offer to its users. 

The Best Android Games for 2022

Yet another mega success in the Asphalt series of games is Asphalt 9: Legends. If you are a racing aficionado this game will definitely make you in love with its graphics and the accessories provided within the game. Not just only the fast-moving cars making a drift look more attractive but over the course of games, the unlocking of various arenas where you can race with the competitors can provide you with the ecstasy of the digital world. Check out this link to download and know more about Asphalt 9: Legends

The Best Android Games for 2022

Are you a Pokemon series fanatic? If you loved Ash Ketchum catching those pokemon in your childhood days, imagine how fun would it be to catch them in the real life. Not only will you re-live your childhood days but also the experience would be at a different level of joy. This Augmented Reality game lets you hunt for pokemon in your own backyards and in this way AR offers a whole new way of playing digital games. Check out this to know more about Pokemon Go

The Best Android Games for 2022

Do you want to experience what a soldier’s job on the battleground feels like? Well, Call of Duty has come up to provide you with that experience that too only on your smartphone. One of the most successful games of all time Call of Duty has come up with its mobile version to provide you the gist of what a battlefield looks like which is filled with a thrilling storyline that gradually goes on with the game. If you admire military valor, this game is for you. Check out this link to know more about the Call of Duty: Mobile.

The Best Android Games for 2022

If you like building strategy in real life, then this is the game for you. Mini Metro will allow you to apply your strategy in its virtual world of games. It will check your puzzle-solving skills and build an efficient rail transit system. With different world locations on the table, you can totally enjoy this puzzle strategy game with a google play pass subscription. For more information on Mini Metro, check out this link.

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