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The best fantasy movies on Amazon Prime Video

Creating a whole new world, indulging in it, experiencing it wholly with different lenses. Fantasies pave their way from the strong roots!

The best fantasy movies on Amazon Prime Video

While being a realist and practical is the basic need for the human race, being able to creatively design the figments, to be able to idolize the core wants of oneself- fantasies play an important role. In today’s era, web series, and movies play a crucial role in our imagination. Amazon prime video is delivering the best of the movies and series for a good watch. Have you chosen your genre? Be it fairy tales, dark romance, superhero fiction, fables, magical realism, and what not!

Here are some of the recommended fantasies to watch on amazon prime:


The best fantasy movies on Amazon Prime Video

The plot is situated in the real world but it also shows the magical world of witches and wizards which is forbidden to ordinary people. The series is pieced into 8 parts for a more effective understanding of the background. The movie is taken from the novel written by J.K. Rowling. The whole prospect of family, friends, school, and aura is covered in this book. It takes the dark magical turn from part 3. It is highly addicting and a great watch. 


The best fantasy movies on Amazon Prime Video

This series is again from the classics of J.K Rowling, where the magical world is being explored. This series though doesn’t have a direct connection to Harry Potter but in the Harry Potter series- obscurus or obscure studies give away some of the hints that Fantastic Beasts could be a prequel. The plot is in the magical world itself and it deals with animals or beasts. The series contains dark themes which could be counter-intuitive for some people.


The best fantasy movies on Amazon Prime Video

Basically, “Hobbit” is an imaginary creature that is a small, humanlike creature that lives underground. This is juvenile fantasy. It has a small motto that says to take risks. This movie is morally, ethically, and mentally satisfying. It normalizes the risks which we have in our daily lives and faces them. The plot is situated on a sheep farm in North Island, Middle Earth. It’s a great watch.


The best fantasy movies on Amazon Prime Video
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It is an American science fiction based on conspiracy theory. It has a series of four which would have different timelines, and storylines and would also be set in a different universe. It is about the agents working in unofficial government agencies to keep track of the peace of different galaxies. Men in Black are supposed to catch the terrorist who has evil plans to destroy the peace. Do people in this universe know about the existence of others? Watch this series to find out more about it.

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Gargi Kulkarni is an amateur writer, She always finds a way to express her feelings through her beloved pen and paper. She is a bookaholic. She loves to read and explore new worlds through books yet she's realistic and resides in her present time. She accepts flaws and makes them beautiful. She normalizes her scars and shows them to the world in form of her writings. She thinks energies are contagious and one should choose wisely.

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