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The critics applaud Adele’s postponed Las Vegas performance as “bawdy, heartfelt”

As she begins her residency, the singer thanks fans for “coming back to me” and admits that she has never been more anxious.

The critics applaud Adele's postponed Las Vegas performance as "bawdy, heartfelt"

When Adele began her eagerly anticipated Vegas residency on Friday night, the butterflies were all part of the performance. Even in a society founded on enormous bets, it was impossible to overlook the high stakes after the infamous one-day notice date change she had in January.

She exclaimed, “I’m so anxious, so afraid, and so pleased.” My nerves are out of control, so it could be a little unsteady at points. This week is a really massive week for me. Sunday is the final episode of The Walking Dead. She stated that she had “never felt more scared before a gig” in a Thursday night Instagram post.

She thanked the crowd of around 4,000 people, which included her son, Angelo, for returning to her. It appears exactly how I had expected.

And now that the reviews are in, everything seems to have paid off. The 34-year-old singer thought the act was “simply wonderful” after receiving standing ovations at both ends of her performance at the Colosseum venue in the Caesars Palace hotel.

Adele’s Latest Song

The show was dubbed “utterly and breathlessly fantastic” by Katie Atkinson of Billboard and “bawdy, emotional, and wholly unscripted” by Melissa Riggieri of USA Today. Adele sent a T-shirt cannon into the crowd during the performance, telling fans it contained “a signed T-shirt, a handwritten letter, and $50.”

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A disgruntled Adele abruptly cancelled the highly anticipated residence that had been scheduled for the start of the year. Although she called the choice “awful,” she later went on to say that there were issues with the optics. She told Elle magazine that “the stage layout wasn’t suitable.” It lacked intimacy and felt quite far from me and my band.

Adele hosting Saturday Night Live, in October 2020. Photograph: NBC/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images

Adele performed songs like Easy On Me, Rolling in the Deep, Hometown Glory, I Drink Wine, and a visually stunning rendition of Skyfall with a 24-piece string section before kicking off the performance with her 2015 single Hello (she told Oprah that this would likely “always” be the case because it “would be a bit weird if it was halfway through a set”). She sang Set Fire to the Rain and there was a waterfall and a piano underwater.

She entered the crowd as she was performing her wistful 2015 song When We Were Young and asked the listeners about their favourite childhood moments before giving her lover, sports agent Rich Paul, a bear embrace.

Adele’s Spotify

She responded on stage to the numerous rumours that had been going around since January. Since I cancelled my gigs, there has been a lot of stuff published about me, so I’d really like to thank Caesars, she stated. I’ve heard rumours that I’m changing hotels, theatres, and other things, but never once have they questioned me. I tell you, 90% of it is completely made up.

Adele would switch up her weekend attire, according to celebrity stylist Jamie Mizrahi, in order to stay “genuine”. She said to the Wall Street Journal that each outfit had to touch the ground because Adele would be performing barefoot. Except for exceptional performances like New Year’s Eve, she noted, “everything will be a black gown to the floor, though we’re open to ornamentation and colour accents.”

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The duration of Adele’s tenure is March 2023. Resells are the sole source of tickets now that official tickets on Ticketmaster have sold out and are up to $45,000 each. She follows in the footsteps of Elton John, Madonna, Cher, Céline Dion, and Cher. She proclaimed, “I have no idea what I’m starting for five months, but I can’t fucking wait.” So I want to say thank you for being my first night.

Adele received seven Grammy nominations this week, including for record and album of the year; Beyoncé and Harry Styles are her rivals.

After the residence concludes, the singer reportedly plans to pursue an online degree in English literature.

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