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The Legal Cheat Codes – Perks of Being a Student

Today we are gonna talk about how students can get discounts, offers, and many more benefits so they stick to their monthly budget.

The Legal Cheat Codes
Image Credits: Priyanshi Goyal

Legal Cheat Codes: Who thought there was a bright side to being a student in India?

With the ancient education system and a brown household, no one was right. But it turns out there are financial perks to being a student. Going to college and paying for tuition isn’t cheap. According to a statistic, educational fees have gone up 1200% whereas inflation has only 217% compared to the 80s. 

We have made a list of offers and exclusive deals you can get as a student of the accredited higher education institute. So get ready with your ID cards and college details to save money!

Here is a list of applications and websites of daily use on which you can get good offers:

The Legal Cheat Codes
Image Credits: Priyanshi Goyal


Everyone needs music to chill right? Especially the students. 

But do we like it when our chilling is interrupted by ads every 5 mins? No right 

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Spotify offers a special discount for students above 18 and studying at an accredited college or university. You are eligible to become a premium student for 4 years. The student plan includes 50% off on premiums and a one-time plan of Rs 66 with all the premium benefits.

Amazon Prime

Amazon is one of the most complete applications a student can have. You have a prime video app for viewing things, amazon music, and free 2-day shipping on all your orders. This offer is for students of 18-24 years and you can get a prime subscription at 50% off. 

The discounted amount will be provided in the form of a cashback in the form of a promotion. So the Rs 1499 a year plan can be yours just for Rs 750.


A mac, a smart keyboard, and an Apple Pencil sound like a perfect college setup to me! Apple is known for the best goods in the electronic sector. Students love apple products and are considered trendy so for students above the age of 18 in a college, apple offers a maximum of 20% on Mac, iPad, Apple Pencil, and Smart Keyboard.

This offer can also be availed by all the teachers and staff at all levels.

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This app is a one-stop solution for all you need. You can take notes, make schedules, and even a to-do list so students can stick to submission deadlines and get good grades. In addition to this, you can customize almost everything in the app. The notions text editor also checks your grammar and you can avail of all these offers at a 100% discount as a student and a teacher.


Being a student comes with the tedious tasks of taking notes so Evernote has got that covered for you. One of the best note-taking apps out there you can arrange notes into different subjects, scan and search handwritten notes, and record lectures and classes, and the best one is you can draw and write on a pdf. In addition to this, it also has a feature to keep all your campus events and student life in one place. You as a student can avail of all these offers at a 50% discount.


The undisputed king of computers gives all students a 10% discount on their Microsoft accounts using their college emails. 

Flight tickets

Industry Giants like Air India, Indigo, and Vistara offer student discounts on flight booking and enjoy other privileges like baggage allowance as shifting students practically need to carry their whole room. You can access these discounts on the portals of respective airlines.

With this, we come to the end of a resourceful list spread across all the needs of a student. 

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What are you waiting for, go and grab the deals asap!

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